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Livonia, MI, Sleep Medicine Dentist

If you have been on the lookout for a sleep medicine dentist and a caring team who can help you overcome your restless nights, look no further. At Dental Sleep Medicine of Michigan, Dr. Stewart and our team dedicate ourselves to helping you find a solution to your sleep disorder. Whether you are aware of your problem and find you wake several times during the night, or if your loved one is frustrated with your noisy snoring or sudden gasps for air, make an appointment with us. We realize sleep disturbances may seem like an issue you simply have to live with, but they can result in serious health problems.

Individualized Care

We are fully aware that you may feel a bit hesitant when you come in for a visit with our sleep medicine dentist and staff, especially if it is simply because someone told you that you snore. We also realize that learning that you stop breathing and wake up several times throughout the night can be scary and disconcerting. We treat sleep apnea and snoring on a daily basis and, therefore, understand the myriad of emotions you may be experiencing. That’s why during your appointment we will discuss your symptoms, what you think is happening, and how you feel about it, then together decide what steps to take to determine a precise diagnosis, and explain your available treatment options.

Sleep Treatment

James R. Stewart, DDS, provides a variety of sleep apnea treatment options, as well as help for snoring. Sleep apnea can have a tremendously negative affect on your life. Whether waking up feeling exhausted, experiencing morning headaches, or finding out that your risk of stroke has increased, discovering that you have a sleep disorder can be a bit intimidating. As the Dental Director of Dental Sleep Medicine of Michigan, P.L.C., Dr. Stewart has the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you get a better night’s sleep. Dr. Stewart and our team are here to help you rest easy, both during the day and night. With oral appliance therapy and CPAP therapy, we can provide you with customized treatment plans so you can fall asleep, sleep through the night, and wake refreshed the next morning.

We may also suggest combination therapy to best suit your particular needs. No matter your sleep disorder, will get to know you for a lasting relationship so we can provide a comfortable, relaxing sleep environment, that results in restful nights. If you would like more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Dr. Stewart today.

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