James R. Stewart DDS

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Livonia, MI

Sleep apnea treatment comes in several forms. While you may feel discouraged with the knowledge that your sleep apnea may not disappear completely, once you begin experiencing restful sleep – and your partner is not bothered by your snoring or gasping – your satisfaction with treatment will increase. Stop dealing with the difficult side effects of sleep apnea and come in for a visit so we can discuss your options.

Can I Just Do Something On My Own?

Genetics are often partially to blame for sleep apnea. If you have a particularly long uvula, a narrow palate, or sinus problems, there may be little you can do on your own to rectify the situation. Your airways are simply narrow and have a high likelihood of relaxing and collapsing. However, certain factors may help improve your sleep apnea while we work with you to provide treatment options. Such factors include:

  • Eliminating tobacco use
  • Eliminating alcohol before bedtime, as it relaxes your muscles
  • Creating a weight loss plan if you are overweight to decrease the pressure against your throat
  • Addressing your allergies by keeping your room free of dust and dander, which may cause congestion
  • Avoiding any other artificially relaxing substances right before bedtime, if possible, that may result in causing your soft tissue and muscles to collapse

Oral Appliance Treatment

Oral appliance therapy is the most comfortable way to treat sleep apnea and has a wide range of benefits. Dr. Stewart will take detailed digital impressions of your bite with our 3Shape Trios wireless intraoral camera, and have a lab create a custom-fitted oral appliance for you to wear while you sleep. This process manes no need to create physical impressions with goopy materials, instead the process is digital, quick, and provides more accurate results. This device holds your tongue and lower jaw in a position that prevents soft tissues from collapsing and interfering with your breathing. We will ensure your mouthpiece fits comfortably so you can begin experiencing improved sleep without the added stress of worrying about your new device.

CPAP Therapy

CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a type of therapy that uses a CPAP machine. This device is small and portable, and includes a mask and tube attached to a motorized machine that provides air flow. This process may take a bit more getting used to, because it works by using pressurized air to keep your airways open. Because you are not used to sleeping with oxygen being gently fed into your air passages, you may find this mildly strange when you begin. However, we will work with you to find the best fit for your lifestyle so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and good morning to a day without exhaustion.

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