Can Sleep Apnea Affect Your Energy Levels?

Although sleep apnea is a problem that directly affects you during the night, it is one that can create serious problems for you during the day. As you leave this condition untreated, you can steadily lose out on restful sleep, which will leave you with less energy as you take care of work, run errands, and generally try to take care of different activities. It can also create problems for your mood, and it can take a toll on your physical health. Our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office can help you if you are struggling with this problem. While we can talk to you about using a CPAP machine, you should know that oral appliance therapy can actually help you breathe without difficulty and once again enjoy proper rest. (more…)

Should I Worry That My Partner Snores?

If your partner has a tendency to snore throughout the night, or if you hear sounds that suggest they experience breathing difficulties while they rest, you can have some understandable concerns. When breathing difficulties are a regular issue, it can point to problems with sleep apnea, a condition that makes it harder to receive the full benefits of rest. Your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist can help if your partner is contending with this issue. Our practice can actually offer an alternative to treatment with a CPAP machine for those impacted by this problem. With a custom oral appliance, we can keep their airways free so that they can stay at rest and no longer struggle to breathe during the night. (more…)

How An Oral Appliance Improves Nightly Breathing

Troubled breathing that affects you while you sleep can cause you to snore, which can make it difficult for your partner to rest. In addition to causing this embarrassing problem, interference with your breathing passages can cause you to suffer from sleep apnea. A person who suffers from this will have a harder time fully benefiting from sleep, as their body must break the rest cycle to deal with interrupted airflow. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can provide treatment for this issue. With a custom oral appliance, we can actually help you stop snoring and treat sleep apnea. This means you can enjoy an alternative to care with a CPAP machine and still effectively address your condition! (more…)

Acknowledging Your Sleep Apnea Risk

Is it time for you to start worrying about your health because of sleep apnea? Problems with your rest can draw your attention for several reasons. You can experience fatigue on a regular basis, even on day when you believe you had a full night’s rest. You can also have issues with your focus, mood, and even physical health. You can also grow concerned due to loud snoring or audible gaps in your breathing. The sooner you recognize that you may be at risk because of sleep apnea, the sooner you can see your Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist for assistance. We can provide care with a custom oral appliance. Doing so makes treatment possible without a CPAP machine! (more…)

Starting Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

When you have problems with sleep apnea that you do not manage, you can find yourself dealing with many worrying problems. Fatigue can become a regular problem with your daily life, as it can make it difficult to manage your daily tasks while also impacting your mood. You can also have a more difficult time managing your mental and physical health, and you can even experience problems with elevated blood pressure. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentists’ office, we can recommend that you begin treatment for your condition with a custom oral appliance therapy. Through appliance therapy, we can give you an alternative to treatment with a CPAP machine that helps you rest soundly every night! (more…)

Why Snoring Should Be Taken Seriously

Are you snoring on a frequent basis? Has the sound become louder or more intense, and is it accompanied by issues like daytime fatigue, headaches, and other issues? You may be ignoring more than just a problem with snoring, as what you are experiencing could be sleep apnea. If it is, you can experience worsening health difficulties, including problems with hypertension! At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, Dr. James Stewart can offer a treatment in the form of oral appliance therapy. Your custom guard will help you keep your breathing steady while you rest, which can resolve snoring problems and help you rest more effectively. (more…)

Daytime Effects Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a problem that interferes with your nightly rest. Disruptions in your breathing will cause frequent breaks in your sleep cycle, which leaves you with fewer health benefits from rest. The impact of this is something you can actually feel during the day. Constant problems with fatigue, difficulty with your mood, focus, and energy levels, and problems with headaches or sore throat issues can point to this condition. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can help you deal with sleep apnea and protect your health. As an alternative to treatment with a CPAP machine, we can recommend the use of a custom oral appliance to keep your airways clear. (more…)

Sleep Apnea And Hypertension

If you are struggling to lower your blood pressure, your issues with poor rest may be partly to blame. A person who struggles with sleep apnea can find it difficult to address hypertension, as nightly issues with restricted breathing can cause their heart rate to elevate on frequent occasions while they sleep. This is just one of many reasons to take signs of sleep apnea seriously, but it is one that you should not ignore, as it can raise your risk for more health difficulties. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can provide beneficial care to put this issue behind you. In fact, we can actually offer treatment in the form of oral appliance therapy, which will make the use of a CPAP machine unnecessary! (more…)

Pursuing Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you have more than just a nightly tendency to snore to worry about. The development of this sleep disorder can take a worrying toll on your physical health as well as your emotional well-being. The problems you face can include chronic fatigue, problems with high blood pressure, and difficulty managing health conditions. At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can actually provide services that address this problem without requiring you to use a CPAP machine. Instead, you can wear a custom oral appliance that keeps your airways clear while you rest. (more…)

Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

Is it possible that your issues with snoring and daily fatigue are linked to sleep apnea? Are you more vulnerable to this issue than you realize? It is important that you take the potential issue with this nighttime problem seriously. Letting it go untreated can have real consequences for your well-being, as it stops you from enjoying a full night’s rest. The longer you go without the ability to complete your rest cycles and sleep soundly, the more you can experience issues with your mood, ability to manage tasks during the day, and health! At our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office, we can help you determine if this is a problem that you need to worry about. If it is, we can work with you on providing a lasting treatment solution. (more…)