Sleep Disorders: What To Do When You’ve Tried Everything

What’s your concern? Have you been dealing with sleep apnea and you thought that if you made every lifestyle change that was recommended that you would solve the problem but it’s still affecting you? Perhaps you are a snorer and you’ve made changes to your habits, you’ve tried everything you can find as a remedy, but nothing is working. Now what do you do, you may wonder? Fortunately, all it takes is allowing us to help you with your sleep disorder.


Sleep Apnea: No, You’re Not Too…

The moment someone suggests that you may be suffering from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, you may immediately respond with, “But I’m too…” The end of that sentence may include one of a variety of reasons that you simply think you could not possibly be dealing with a sleep problem. Unfortunately, the longer you convince yourself of such notions, the longer you might be leaving a serious issue brewing and negatively affecting your overall health! Let’s talk facts, so you recognize it just might be time to come see us for a consultation and care.


3 Sleep Resolutions You Can Keep

It’s that time: The dawn of a new year, when people make all sorts of promises. Some are carried out with more success than others. Experts suggest that changing habits is more successful when resolutions are realistic and measurable. Instead of saying something general such as “I’m going to go to get more sleep” you can reword your goal for New Year’s success. If your sleep issues persist, we have a third resolution: talk with an dentist who is experienced in sleep solutions. It is guaranteed to make a change in your sleep! (more…)

Alcohol: A Quick Quiz

It can be difficult to know whether you’re making the best choices for yourself when you’re combating a sleep disorder. Are your lifestyle choices all on track to help you sleep through the night? Or, are you doing something that you should perhaps not be doing, unknowingly contributing to the problem rather than solving it? Today, we would like to talk with you about alcohol. Beverages that include it make you nice and drowsy and seem like a good choice if you’re having trouble falling asleep, of course! … But are they really a solid bet?


Seeking Sleep Apnea Treatment: 3 Things To Remember

Are you sort of seeking sleep apnea treatment but as you get a little motivation, there are some factors that cause you to simply throw in the towel and forget about it? If this is happening to you, we strongly suggest you instead consider some things to remind yourself. Every time you make the decision to address your sleep issue, consider the details we mention and it will become much easier to follow through.


Making Your Sleep Visit Easy!

Are you a little unsure about scheduling a visit to talk with us about your potential sleep disorder? Since you’re not even sure if you have one or if you’ll discover it’s time to schedule a visit with your general practitioner, you may feel sort of hesitant to call us. Good news: We understand how you are feeling and we invite you to shrug off your shyness and come in. How to make this the easiest experience ever? We’ve got some tricks to share!


Who Benefits From A Sleep Appliance?

A sleep appliance benefits more than just the person who wears it. Of course the wearer can find relief from troubling issues including sleep loss, dental issues, headaches, neckaches and excessive snoring. A custom-crafted mouth guard improves dental health by protecting teeth from the stress of bruxism. Sleep appliances can help the alleviate jaw misalignment often connected with bruxism and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. Those who deal with Obstructive Sleep Apnea can also find relief with the proper sleep appliance. But the benefits don’t stop with one individual. (more…)

Put Your Sleep On Your Travel List

Yep. Right above “toothbrush” and “socks” and all other essentials on your travel list for this year’s holidays should be “sleep.” Or, of course, some other version of the term that makes sense to you. You want to be certain to include all sleep-related essentials, such as sleep apnea treatment, for your vacation. Otherwise, you may have a lot of exciting gatherings and activities planned but you might not have the energy and concentration to attend them and enjoy them.


Sleep Problems: Don’t Be Embarrassed To Schedule A Visit

If you know even the first thing about sleep apnea disorder, it’s that there’s a very good chance you know something is wrong with your energy levels but that you are having trouble identifying sleep apnea as the problem. This is because the issue occurs during sleep and a lot of the time, patients’ memories do not include any part of waking and returning to sleep throughout the night. As a result, patients sometimes feel a little shy or embarrassed about scheduling a consultation. No need!