Why Do We Develop Sleep Apnea?

If you have trouble sleeping and frequently feel exhausted during the day, you could be one of the millions who suffer from sleep apnea. Why do we develop sleep apnea? Understanding the factors behind this common disorder can help you and your doctor find the right treatment option. Otherwise, this common sleep disorder could lead to major complications for your overall health and quality of life.

Soft Tissue Collapse

The disorder occurs when the soft tissue in the throat and back of the mouth become overly relaxed. The tissue then collapses, completely blocking airflow. The patient stops breathing, until the brain registers the lack of oxygen and then proceeds to wake him/her. Despite being woken hundreds of times per night, the patient will likely have no memory of these episodes, but will feel exhausted the next day.

Common Factors

What makes a person more likely to suffer from this disorder? There are a number of different factors, including obesity, excessive consumption of alcohol, sleeping on the back instead of the side, congestion, and neck circumference. The doctor can help identify the factors behind your disorder, as well as the most appropriate treatment option.

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

How do you know if you need treatment? Often, you may feel exhausted during the day, moody, or have trouble concentrating on tasks. You may also experience episodes of waking up suddenly gasping for air or choking. You may also sore frequently, an issue your significant other may inform you about. If one or more of these potential warning signs sound familiar, then schedule a visit with your dentist. Dr. Stewart can diagnose your sleep issues and recommend treatment to help you sleep easier. Remember, without treatment complications of sleep apnea may include depression, high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack.

At James Stewart, DDS, we can help uncover the cause of your sleep apnea. Dr. Stewart and our compassionate staff serve patients of all ages from Livonia, MI, as well as Farmington Hills, Farmington, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Garden City, Westland, Redford, and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.


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