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Are There Early Warning Signs Of Sleep Apnea?

The impact of sleep apnea on your mood and health can surprise you. If the problem goes on for a period of time without treatment, it can cause symptoms seen in people suffering from sleep deprivation. This means problems for your ability to focus, trouble with irritability and fatigue, as well as worrying physical symptoms…. Read more »

How UARS Can Make It Harder For You To Feel Rested

The symptoms that help people recognize a possible case of sleep apnea can include loud snoring, as well as choking or gasping noises during sleep. These symptoms are likely to attract your partner’s notice, which can lead to the decision to seek help from your Livonia, MI sleep clinic. Unfortunately, not all sleep disorders create… Read more »

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)

Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS) You may have heard of sleep apnea but have you heard of upper airway resistance syndrome, or UARS? The reason not many people have heard of UARS is because it is not as noticeable as sleep apnea. For instance, people who experience sleep apnea often snore loudly, excessively, choke and… Read more »