Catnap: Why Cats Sleep So Much

sleepycatDo you ever wish you were a cat? Then you would be able to lie around most of the day sleeping. They seem to know how to relax. They don’t have to fight rush-hour traffic, work all day, come home and make their own meals; all they do is sleep, sleep, sleep. In today’s sleep blog, your Livonia, MI dentist, Dr. James Stewart, explains why cats sleep so much.

How Much Do Cats Really Sleep?

Most cats sleep an average of fifteen hours a day; far more than a newborn baby. Some cats can even sleep up to twenty hours. That’s in a twenty-four hour period! So you aren’t off the mark if you’re thinking that all your cat does is sleep.


Cats, like their wild ancestors, are predators and designed as such. Therefore, their physiology is that of a hunter. Hunting prey takes enormous amounts of energy. That’s why cats require so much sleep. Although they have been domesticated, they still retain characteristics from the wild including their primal instincts, hunting during the day and sleeping at night, stalking their prey, pouncing, and chasing.

If you’ve ever had a kitten you will remember how they are full of energy at night while you are trying to sleep. Cats hunt during the day, and replenish their energy at night.

The Weather

Cats, like humans, are affected by the weather. Just as you become lethargic and sleepy on rainy or long winter days so do cats. Cats sleep more during inclement weather.

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