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A Lack Of Restful Sleep Can Affect Your Quality Of Life

If you go without appropriate rest for an extended period of time, the impact on your mental and physical health can become hard to ignore. A person who is not sleeping properly may be more prone to accidents, they can struggle with a lack of concentration, and their mood can be negatively affected. It is… Read more »

Your Sleep Troubles Can Cause Problems For Your Rest Cycle

When a person sleeps at night, their body goes through an important cycle that is vital to the health benefits of proper rest. You will pass through the rest cycle multiple times, with your REM cycle lasting progressively longer throughout the night. A person who maintains a good sleep schedule can remain consistent with this… Read more »

Want to Sleep Better? Try These Tips

Many people have trouble sleeping once in a while, such as when they’re stressed or are interrupted by loud noises and other disturbances. Usually, however, the lack of sleep doesn’t last long, and therefore, it doesn’t have a significant impact on their lives. For others, however, trouble sleeping is par for the course, and as… Read more »

Diet Tweaks for Better Sleep

Healthful eating habits and restful sleep can go hand in hand. By the same token, when eating habits get lax, it can be harder to fall asleep and to stay asleep.  If a busy schedule means more meals from the office vending machines, or grabbed on the go, you may notice the effect come bed… Read more »

A Few Tips to Sleep Better without Medication

Sleep disorders affect millions of people of all ages, and millions more have trouble sleeping for a wide variety of other reasons. To try and improve the quality of their sleep, many people turn to medicinal sleep aids, which may help in some cases, but in others, can have a number of different side effects…. Read more »

3 Sleep Resolutions You Can Keep

It’s that time: The dawn of a new year, when people make all sorts of promises. Some are carried out with more success than others. Experts suggest that changing habits is more successful when resolutions are realistic and measurable. Instead of saying something general such as “I’m going to go to get more sleep” you… Read more »

How Do I Improve My Sleeping Habits?

We’ve often discussed our treatment options for sleep apnea, which can include a CPAP machine, an oral appliance, or a combination of the two. However, we may also suggest that patients improve their sleeping habits to help reduce apneic episodes. What changes should you make to your sleep routine?

Lack of Sleep Affects Your Dental Health

Not getting enough sleep can have a number of different detrimental effects on your overall wellbeing. But did you know that a lack of sleep can affect your dental health, as well? As an integral part of your systemic health, your oral health is closely tied to many of your body’s functions. When one factor… Read more »

How Do I Enjoy Deeper Sleep?

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you often feel exhausted during the day? Losing sleep can often be the sign of a disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea. While serious cases of OSA do require your dentist’s attention, you can often ease symptoms by making adjustments to your sleeping habits. What can you do to… Read more »

How Sleep Deprived Are You?

We have all experienced being tired or sleepy. When we reach that point it can be almost impossible to function. When your body needs rest, it needs rest. We’ve also experienced how fresh, rejuvenated, and energetic a good night’s sleep can make us feel. The difference can be unbelievable. However, according to the American Psychological… Read more »