Holiday Tips For Sleep Apnea

christmaslightsunfocusedAre you a patient dealing with sleep apnea? Have you begun your sleep apnea treatment or is this something that you just discovered is affecting your life? In either case, making your way through the holidays can present a set of challenges that you can either fall victim to or easily overcome. To promote thorough, uninterrupted sleep, allow us to offer some helpful holiday tips. You will find that achieving the rest you need for a full, enjoyable season is easier than it seems.

Tip #1: Visit Us For Treatment (If You Haven’t Already)

Don’t put your consultation off until after the holidays – contact us right away! Unfortunately, the longer you go without sleep apnea treatment, the more fatigued you will become. In addition, common symptoms like headaches, moodiness, depression, and concentration problems can quickly make your holiday season much less enjoyable.

Tip #2: Limit Your Adult Beverages

If you love indulging in adult punch or alcoholic eggnog, you might want to take it easy this year, so you can get all of the very important rest you need. You see, while alcohol has a tendency to help you fall asleep, it also has a tendency to cause you to wake up suddenly (which typically leads to you staying awake). Skip artificial relaxants, so you can make it all the way through your seven to nine hours of sleep.

Tip #3: Traveling? Make Sleep A Priority

Are you planning on spending some time in a hotel room or in a family member’s guest room? For individuals with sleep apnea, it is important to prepare for sleep. Make sure you bring your oral appliance with you, so you are not without your sleep apnea treatment. Tote along any other necessity that helps you sleep, such as a special pillow, so falling asleep is a piece of cake.