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When You Say: I’m Fine, I Don’t Need That Much Sleep!

Feeling a bit stubborn? Truly assuming that sleep apnea isn’t something you need to worry about? If you’re someone who responds to the assertion that you need sleep apnea treatment with something along the lines of, “I’m fine! I don’t need that much sleep!” then our Livonia, MI team has some responses for you! We… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Don’t Just Treat The Symptoms

When you have sleep apnea, you may not immediately recognize the fact that there is a slew of symptoms that comes with this sleep disorder. Instead, you will simply recognize one or more of those symptoms, which you may initially attempt to treat. However, over time, it may become clear to you that you’re treating… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Things You’re Not Getting Exactly Right

When the topic of sleep apnea comes up, our Livonia, MI team is aware that it’s not always the easiest of topics for individuals to understand right off the bat. It’s not necessarily that it’s a confusing topic but that it is certainly one patients are not informed about or that they make an assumption… Read more »

Sleep And The Arrival Of Autumn: Things To Consider 

In case you didn’t already notice, fall is headed our way! As we bid goodbye to the lovely warmth and sunshine-y nature of summer, our Livonia, MI community also offers a very happy, excited welcome to autumn and all of the magic that it brings! While there’s a lot to enjoy, it may have suddenly… Read more »

Understanding Where Sleep Apnea Is Coming From

You may have lots of questions about what’s causing your sleep apnea and whether you definitely require sleep apnea treatment. Of course, if you’re experiencing this sleep disorder, it is always to your benefit to begin treatment ASAP, so you can breathe successfully and sleep soundly through the night. This impacts not only your daily… Read more »

How Has Your Summer Sleep Been?

Do you have kiddos who are about to go back to school, once summer vacation wraps up? If so, you’ve been enjoying a much more relaxed schedule than the much more structured routine that comes with life when school is in session. With that said, we wonder: How has your sleep been this summer? Perhaps… Read more »

My Throat Hurts! Why And What Can I Do? 

If you are aware that something isn’t quite right with your sleep and you’re also noticing that you have a chronically sore throat in the mornings, you may be doing your best to piece the details together but realize that you’re just coming up empty. What might be happening that’s causing this symptom, you wonder,… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: What If I Don’t Remember It Happening?

You may catch wind of sleep apnea and think to yourself, wow, that sounds a lot like what I’m going through! However, you may worry about that one particular detail: The fact that many patients wake up and return to sleep so quickly that they don’t remember the actually event itself. This may cause you… Read more »

Think About Your Life With Good Sleep

It’s easy to stay focused on the little details, when you’re absorbed in trying to figure out what to do about your sleeping issue. You know that you’re tired and cranky. You know that you don’t feel great. You are probably growing more and more aware of the fact that you really should come in… Read more »

Sleep Care: 3 T-Words To Keep In Mind

When you’re not sleeping as well as you could (or you suspect this is the case because you are so extremely tired), there’s something tugging at you, telling you to visit our Livonia, MI team for assistance. However, there’s another part of you that makes you want to just hope for the best, ignore the… Read more »