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Sleep Apnea: No, You’re Not Too…

The moment someone suggests that you may be suffering from a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, you may immediately respond with, “But I’m too…” The end of that sentence may include one of a variety of reasons that you simply think you could not possibly be dealing with a sleep problem. Unfortunately, the longer you… Read more »

Alcohol: A Quick Quiz

It can be difficult to know whether you’re making the best choices for yourself when you’re combating a sleep disorder. Are your lifestyle choices all on track to help you sleep through the night? Or, are you doing something that you should perhaps not be doing, unknowingly contributing to the problem rather than solving it?… Read more »

Seeking Sleep Apnea Treatment: 3 Things To Remember

Are you sort of seeking sleep apnea treatment but as you get a little motivation, there are some factors that cause you to simply throw in the towel and forget about it? If this is happening to you, we strongly suggest you instead consider some things to remind yourself. Every time you make the decision… Read more »

Who Benefits From A Sleep Appliance?

A sleep appliance benefits more than just the person who wears it. Of course the wearer can find relief from troubling issues including sleep loss, dental issues, headaches, neckaches and excessive snoring. A custom-crafted mouth guard improves dental health by protecting teeth from the stress of bruxism. Sleep appliances can help the alleviate jaw misalignment… Read more »

Put Your Sleep On Your Travel List

Yep. Right above “toothbrush” and “socks” and all other essentials on your travel list for this year’s holidays should be “sleep.” Or, of course, some other version of the term that makes sense to you. You want to be certain to include all sleep-related essentials, such as sleep apnea treatment, for your vacation. Otherwise, you… Read more »

OSA: 3 Things You’re Getting Wrong

You might have a lot of ideas firmly cemented in your brain when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, that doesn’t mean that everything you’re thinking you know about it is necessarily accurate. To make sure you’re not inadvertently missing out on treatment that you really need to regain your sleep and to… Read more »