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Sleep Apnea And Your Overall Health

If you have unaddressed problems with your sleep, you can have a tougher time managing your overall health. Beyond just causing you to snore, problems with sleep apnea can leave you with issues like headaches, fatigue, a recurring problem with a sore throat, and a lack of focus. Beyond impacting your mood and causing uncomfortable… Read more »

When Fatigue Is Linked To Sleep Apnea

Why has it become more challenging to make it through your typical day? How often do you feel sluggish and exhausted, even on days when you enjoyed a full night’s rest? When fatigue and grogginess become regular aspects of your life, it could be due to issues with your sleep health. Heavy snoring and nightly… Read more »

Helping A Partner Who Snores

It may be awkward to approach the subject of snoring with a partner who suffers from this issue. After all, many people find this to be an embarrassing condition. With that said, bringing it up can be beneficial for several reasons, not just because it can disturb your rest. Your partner may have nightly breathing… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy And Your Sleep

The struggles you have with sleep apnea can have several negative impacts on your well-being. Snoring is a common concern, but you also have to deal with issues often associated with sleep deprivation. Because you are not able to complete your rest cycles, you can deal with worsening fatigue, experience irritability and trouble focusing, and… Read more »

How Sleep Apnea Impacts Your Daily Life

It can feel good to start the day with a sense of energy and optimism. Unfortunately, when sleep apnea steals your ability to rest properly each night, you can find that your mornings start with a sluggish feeling that you are not able to fully shake. Problems with this condition can also negatively affect your… Read more »

Sleep Apnea’s Effect On Physical Health

If you struggle with sleep apnea, what issues, beyond snoring, should you really be worried about? You might not realize it, but this condition can impact you in several troubling ways. Because it robs you of your ability to complete your rest cycles properly, it can rob you of energy during the day, and it… Read more »

Using A Custom Guard To Address Sleep Apnea

When you feel as though you never enjoy restful sleep, or your partner expresses concerns about your snoring and audible breathing difficulties during the night, you should be concerned about sleep apnea. Problems with obstructive sleep apnea stem from obstructions of your airways that affect your ability to remain asleep throughout the night. Until this… Read more »

Can Sleep Apnea Affect Your Energy Levels?

Although sleep apnea is a problem that directly affects you during the night, it is one that can create serious problems for you during the day. As you leave this condition untreated, you can steadily lose out on restful sleep, which will leave you with less energy as you take care of work, run errands,… Read more »

Should I Worry That My Partner Snores?

If your partner has a tendency to snore throughout the night, or if you hear sounds that suggest they experience breathing difficulties while they rest, you can have some understandable concerns. When breathing difficulties are a regular issue, it can point to problems with sleep apnea, a condition that makes it harder to receive the… Read more »

How An Oral Appliance Improves Nightly Breathing

Troubled breathing that affects you while you sleep can cause you to snore, which can make it difficult for your partner to rest. In addition to causing this embarrassing problem, interference with your breathing passages can cause you to suffer from sleep apnea. A person who suffers from this will have a harder time fully… Read more »