Treat Sleep Apnea In 2015

sleeponlaptopDid you recently learn that you suffer from sleep apnea? Have you been thinking about waiting until 2016 to finally visit us for sleep apnea treatment because these are simply very busy months? We understand that it can become difficult to schedule care for yourself, particularly when the holidays are in full swing. However, we strongly suggest you think carefully and revisit your dental insurance benefits for 2015, so you don’t miss out on potential coverage or care. Consider some recommendations, so you say goodbye to the current calendar year in peace.

Benefits Don’t Roll Over

The good news about dental insurance benefits is that insurance plans often provide some amount of coverage for sleep apnea treatment. The bad news is that patients often fail to realize their benefits will not roll over from the current calendar year into the next. As 2016 approach, we want to be sure you check in on your plan. If the benefits that remain can provide coverage that you will not be able to access next year, then today might be the best time to schedule care. Remember that we cannot provide specific answers about your dental insurance plan – contact the customer service phone line of your plan’s carrier for the details.

You Need Treatment Today, Not Tomorrow

When it comes to sleep apnea treatment, we always strongly suggest you visit us right away for care. The sooner we provide you with treatment suited to your particular concerns and needs, the easier it will be for you to begin sleeping soundly through the night. As a result, daily discomfort like headaches, sore throat, and exhaustion will resolve. Long-term health threats like high blood pressure and cardiac problems will diminish. Give yourself the gift of health this year and schedule a consultation with us the moment you feel certain about your dental insurance benefits and what they provide.