FAQs About Our Snoring Solutions

When we snore, we often have trouble obtaining the deep, sustained sleep we need to feel alert the next day. In addition, we can also prevent our significant others from enjoying the rest they need as well. Fortunately, we can help with treatment for snoring, even if this is linked to obstructive sleep apnea. Do you have questions about our snoring solutions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Snoring Solutions

Question: Why causes us to snore?

Answer: We snore when the soft tissues become overly relaxed and collapse in the night. Airflow then becomes partially obstructed. As air is forced through when we breathe, the tissue vibrates and creates the loud and obnoxious sound we all know and loathe.

Question: How does this link to sleep apnea?

Answer: Soft tissue collapse that causes breathing to stop completely leads to sleep apnea. Patients are then woken by the brain once a lack of oxygen is detected. This cycle can happen hundreds of times every night, leading to the patient ebbing sleep deprived. Snoring is often a common warning sign of obstructive sleep apnea.

Question: Can a mouthpiece help?

Answer: Often, we prescribe a mouthpiece to help. This oral appliance is worn while you sleep. The device moves the jaw forward enough to prevent the collapse of soft tissue. Without encumbered breathing, you don’t have vibration of soft tissue.

Question: What changes should I make to my routine?

Answer: We suggest avoiding alcohol or caffeine before going to bed. You can also try sleeping on your side instead of your back. We also recommend maintaining a regular sleep schedule (going to bed and waking up at the same times daily) and keeping your bedroom dark, cool, and free of screens, such as TV, computer, or smartphone.

Do You Snore?

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