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What Separates Snoring And Sleep Apnea?

Has your nightly snoring made you worry that you are experiencing sleep apnea? These conditions are connected, but not everyone who snores suffers from more serious issues with their nightly rest. Of course, it can point to your vulnerability to it. When soft tissues in the throat partially block your airways, you can make loud,… Read more »

Is My Partner’s Snoring Due To Sleep Apnea?

If your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake at night, you may have more than just your lack of rest to worry over. People who snore, sound as if they are struggling to take in air, or wake up throughout the night due to breathing issues can be affected by troubles with sleep apnea. If… Read more »

Should I Be Worried That I Snore?

It may be embarrassing to know that you snore, but is this knowledge also a warning that something is wrong with your health? When your airways become partially obstructed while you sleep, you can create a rumbling, labored sound like snoring. If those airway interferences last too long and stop you from breathing, you can… Read more »

Support For A Snoring Partner

When your partner begins to snore, your chance at enjoying a peaceful night’s rest can be disrupted. The noises a person makes when they have trouble breathing at night can be loud and distracting. They can also be a warning that something more serious is happening. Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a condition… Read more »

When Snoring Upsets Your Partner

As long as you snore and breathe loudly while you are asleep, it can be difficult for your partner to enjoy a full night’s rest. Snoring can be a difficult subject to bring up, as it can make people self-conscious. With that said, talking about the problem is important for several reasons. One is that… Read more »

Helping A Partner Who Snores

It may be awkward to approach the subject of snoring with a partner who suffers from this issue. After all, many people find this to be an embarrassing condition. With that said, bringing it up can be beneficial for several reasons, not just because it can disturb your rest. Your partner may have nightly breathing… Read more »

Should I Worry That My Partner Snores?

If your partner has a tendency to snore throughout the night, or if you hear sounds that suggest they experience breathing difficulties while they rest, you can have some understandable concerns. When breathing difficulties are a regular issue, it can point to problems with sleep apnea, a condition that makes it harder to receive the… Read more »

Why Snoring Should Be Taken Seriously

Are you snoring on a frequent basis? Has the sound become louder or more intense, and is it accompanied by issues like daytime fatigue, headaches, and other issues? You may be ignoring more than just a problem with snoring, as what you are experiencing could be sleep apnea. If it is, you can experience worsening… Read more »

Is My Partner Snoring Due To Sleep Apnea?

If your partner snores, it can make sleep harder for you to enjoy. What you should know is that they may be suffering from a lack of restful sleep, too, as their loud breathing could be a sign of sleep apnea! When airway obstructions force a person out of rest, it stops them from enjoying… Read more »

Can Treating Sleep Apnea Address Snoring?

If you are concerned about sleep apnea and embarrassed by a habit of snoring, your Livonia/Detroit, MI area dentist can help you! Those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea often snore during the night. This is because the physical interference of their soft tissues disrupts their breathing, leading to awkward, uncomfortable sounds. This disruption in… Read more »