3 Sleep Resolutions You Can Keep

It’s that time: The dawn of a new year, when people make all sorts of promises. Some are carried out with more success than others. Experts suggest that changing habits is more successful when resolutions are realistic and measurable. Instead of saying something general such as “I’m going to go to get more sleep” you can reword your goal for New Year’s success. If your sleep issues persist, we have a third resolution: talk with an dentist who is experienced in sleep solutions. It is guaranteed to make a change in your sleep!

Sleep Resolution #1

Make your bedroom a haven for sleep. This means removing distractions like electronics and business items (or keeping them turned off and out of sight.) Decorate with restful colors and comfortable furnishings. The temperature should be slightly on the cool side. Keep noise to a minimum, or play soft music or use a white noise machine to mask outside sounds.

Sleep Resolution #2

Set a realistic bed time and waking time, and stick to it most nights. Large swings in times of settling down and rising can be disruptive to your sleep cycle. Resist the temptation to stay up late on weekends, and then sleep later to make up for it.

Sleep Resolution #3

Get expert help if sleep issues persist. At a consultation appointment, you can discuss what changes you have made, and if you feel that they are (or are not) helping your sleep situation. Your dentist is trained to diagnose many sleep issues, for example sleep apnea and bruxism. These issues will not be solved by making your bedroom comfortable or adhering to a set sleep/wake schedule. Your dentist can suggest solutions, however, once the root cause of a sleep issue is correctly established.

2018 is a Great Year to Sleep Well

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