Caffeine Sources You Never Considered!

You know the usual suspects when it comes to caffeine: When you find yourself feeling jittery or you’re having trouble falling asleep (which isn’t helpful for your sleep apnea treatment), you can quickly trace it back to that coffee, macchiato, cola, tea, or huge chocolate bar that you had. Yep. That was probably what did it, you will think to yourself! However, what’s to blame when you feel like you’ve consumed caffeine but none of these items made an appearance in your day? Remember that this stimulant is often present when you least expect it! Consider some potentially very surprising sources (and remember, always read ingredients).

Orange Soda, Clear Soda, Yellow Soda, Root Beer…

Did you think that orange soda, clear soda, yellow soda, root beer, and essentially anything other than cola drinks are without caffeine? Unfortunately, this isn’t a rule of thumb you can live by, especially if you are trying to maintain effective sleep apnea treatment. Lots of sodas, even the clear ones that you automatically assume won’t contain caffeine, do contain it! Start getting accustomed to taking a closer look at labels.

Protein Bars

What type of bar do you eat to supplement your diet throughout the day? Protein bars? Energy bars? Whatever you call them, you will want to examine the details more thoroughly. Sometimes, the reason they’re able to give you so much energy is because the contain caffeine!

Hot Chocolate

Didn’t make the connection on this one? Sure, you know that a big candy bar might contain caffeine … but hot cocoa? It’s true. Some may be without it but some may have quite a lot! Again, read ingredients before indulging, so your sleep apnea treatment doesn’t suffer.

Avoid Accidental Caffeine Intake With Our Help

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