Role Reversal: What If Your Spouse Had Sleep Apnea?

When you’re introduced to the concept that your symptoms you experience on a daily basis are connected with something called sleep apnea, you may not have a very strong reaction. That is, aside from rolling your eyes, brushing it off completely, or running in the opposite direction. We know that learning you may require sleep apnea treatment and that there’s really something to treat isn’t always the most welcome realization. However, to put things into perspective, we encourage you to put yourself in the shoes of your spouse and you may feel a bit kindlier toward scheduling a consultation with our Livonia, MI team.

What If Your Spouse Was Choking Every Night?

When your spouse tells you that you’re making choking noises, do you feel worried? Do you try to dismiss the issue or make a joke of it? Turn the tables on yourself ask how you would feel if things were reversed and you were the only witnessing your loved one waking up multiple times every hour, choking, making loud noises to try to breathe, and then going right back to sleep? Now imagine you mention it to your spouse and this person just ignores you! Yep. If you think sleep apnea may be affecting you, it’s probably time you come in.

What If You Knew Your Spouse Was Headed For Trouble?

Now, let’s add some extra intensity to this situation. Now, imagine you are experiencing your spouse go through the experience of dealing with sleep apnea night after night and you carry knowledge that most people don’t have when they first learn about this sleep disorder: This can cause your spouse to experience heart problems, issues with liver health, and more down the line. Treatment is seeming pretty important right about now!

What If You Couldn’t Sleep Because Of The Noise And Worry?

Your spouse may tell you that it’s getting harder and harder to sleep because you make so much noise. Are you empathetic? Or, do you think that maybe there’s some drama in the mix? Take time to imagine loud snoring and choking noises as you lie awake in bed, trying to sleep. Imagine now that this wakes you from comfortable slumber and you’re wide awake. Wouldn’t you like your partner to seek sleep apnea treatment? Indeed!

Treat Sleep Apnea Very Soon

Rather than waiting on treating your sleep apnea because you don’t understand it or you’d rather pretend it isn’t there, we strongly encourage you to set up a consultation. You’ll find treatment is easy and effective. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.