My Throat Hurts! Why And What Can I Do? 

If you are aware that something isn’t quite right with your sleep and you’re also noticing that you have a chronically sore throat in the mornings, you may be doing your best to piece the details together but realize that you’re just coming up empty. What might be happening that’s causing this symptom, you wonder, and is it directly linked to your sleep? Is it something else? Furthermore, what can you do about it? As you might have seen coming, our Livonia, MI team is ready to help with sleep disorder advice and more!

It Might Just Be Snoring

A sore throat can absolutely happen on an every-morning basis if you’re someone who snores and requires treatment from our team! Remember, this is considered a sleep disorder because it interrupts your breathing and your sleep! Keep in mind, as well, that when you snore, your tissues are vibrating against one another in your throat. This can cause irritation. The result? Throat discomfort in the morning.

It Could Be Sleep Apnea

What’s sleep apnea, you ask? Well, it’s similar to snoring, only instead of throat tissues touching a bit, throat tissues collapse. Then you wake up. You breathe. You go back to sleep. This happens over and over. Leading up to it is often excessive snoring and even choking. So, as you might imagine, this can cause throat pain, too!

It May Be A Sleep Concern And Allergies

When we talk about sleep disorders, from snoring to sleep apnea, one of the things we frequently bring up is allergies. If you are someone dealing with allergies, then you are already aware of the fact that this upper respiratory congestion can contribute to the partial or full obstruction of your breathing! As you also already know, allergies can sometimes cause a bit of a sore throat. So, what you have in this case is two factors that are likely contributing to your throat pain. You’ve got allergies and your snoring or sleep apnea is irritating your throat tissues. Fortunately, you may treat both!

See Us For Sleep Care!

Come in for treatment for snoring or sleep apnea! We offer it all.

See Your Doctor For Additional Support

Whether you are certain you’re dealing with allergies or you would simply like to explore all possible contributing factors, remember that it’s always wise to check in with your general practitioner about symptoms, such as a sore throat!

Address Your Sore Throat With Sleep Treatment

When you deal with a sore throat in the mornings and you discover that you are also suffering from a sleep concern, such as snoring or sleep apnea, come in! Receive treatment for sleep and symptom improvement. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.