Do Additional Oral Health Problems Accompany Sleep Apnea?

You know that sleep apnea is already something that can cause a variety of serious problems for your health. However, it may suddenly occur to you that perhaps this sleep disorder is also bringing with it some accompanying concerns for your oral health. Your instincts have steered you correctly! Our Livonia, MI team reminds you that by selecting and following through with sleep apnea treatment with us, you can indeed help improve your sleep while you also protect yourself from potential problems with your smile. Learn more!

Bruxism Disorder

We realize that you may not have ever made the connection between bruxism disorder and sleep apnea before! However, it may surprise you to learn that the two are often linked. Remember that when sleep apnea events occur, your airways are essentially blocked and you cannot breathe. It is thought that in an effort to get those air passages free and open, patients tend to grind and move their teeth in an attempt to breathe. The result? Bruxism develops! Remember, as well, that if you are exhausted during the day, you may drink caffeine to compensate. Excess caffeine may contribute to the development of the muscle movements responsible for bruxism! So, sleep apnea treatment becomes ever more essential.

Dry Mouth And Tooth Decay

With sleep apnea comes, there are many instances throughout the night in which you are mouth breathing, either due to gasping for air or due to the extreme snoring that often accompanies this sleep disorder. The longer you breathe through your mouth and not your nose, the drier your mouth becomes. If this is a chronic issue, then your oral tissues begin lacking sufficient moisture, which lets bacteria take over. As they accumulate, your mouth becomes more acidic and tooth decay goes on the rise! Choose sleep apnea treatment to avoid such concerns!

How To Make Things Better!

Of course, you may be thinking: Sleep apnea treatment sounds wonderful but what do I do to get started? It’s very simple. You don’t need to do any research or investigative work on your own. You just need to call our compassionate team to schedule a consultation and we will take it from there, as you learn all about addressing your sleep disorder!

Stay Healthy With Sleep Apnea Treatment

Don’t overlook the immense level of protection you can look forward to for not only your oral health but also your overall health, when you come in to see us for sleep apnea treatment. Call us today! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.