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Obstructive Sleep Apnea: What Is It…Or Isn’t It?

You know that you may have sleep apnea and you also know that if this is the case, the tissues in your throat are collapsing as you sleep. Naturally, the result is that there are multiple times each night (hundreds, actually) when you stop breathing. This, obviously, is not good for your health in any… Read more »

Sleep Apnea And Your Hypertension: Questions (And Answers)

You may have sleep apnea. You may also have hypertension. What you may not have is the background information to make the connection between these two problems. The fact of the matter is, if you’re dealing with nightly, interrupted sleep due to this sleep disorder and it goes on untreated for a while, high blood… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Dealing with Sleep Apnea

Knowing you have sleep apnea is the most important part to dealing with it. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from its symptoms don’t realize that they do, or that there’s a need for treatment to address their condition. At our Livonia, MI, office, we help patients deal with sleep apnea and enjoy deeper, more peaceful… Read more »

Seeking Sleep Apnea Help: Concerns You Can Let Go 

There are some worries that might be causing you to cling to fear, rather than come in for the help you think you might need for sleep apnea. For instance, you may wonder if you actually need sleep apnea treatment or if we will tell you that it’s probably something else. You worry that you’ll… Read more »

Providing You With The Latest And Greatest: Sleep Treatment! 

You may occasionally wonder: Does the world of sleep disorder treatment change? Is it always evolving? Or, when you come in to meet with our Livonia, MI team, are we just providing you with the same care that’s been offered for years? Fortunately, we can happily report that the world of sleep medicine is always… Read more »

Tips For Changing Your Sleeping Position

As you may already know, changing your sleep position can be extremely helpful if you’re a patient who is snoring or you’re someone in need of sleep apnea treatment. Remember, the reason for these sleep disorders is the partial or full obstruction of your airways. While there are many factors that come into play, sometimes,… Read more »

When Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

You may come up with lots of adjectives as you consider what it might mean to end up with sleep apnea. However, what you may not ever realize is that it can be more than annoying, exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. Did you know that this sleep disorder can actually be dangerous, particularly when you decide… Read more »

Help For: Going To Sleep And Staying Asleep

When you’re having issues with your sleep, you may find that you’re just having one area of concern. Or, you may find that you’re having trouble in multiple areas. For instance, if you’re struggling not only with sleep apnea and remaining asleep but you also have trouble drifting off to dreamland, then nighttime isn’t a… Read more »

Your Sleep Assessment: Encouraging Things You Can Expect

You may spend a significant amount of time wondering about your tiredness, worrying about what you assume might be a sleep disorder like sleep apnea, trying to figure out what’s going on, but all the while realizing you don’t have any actual answers. What can you do, you ask yourself? If you were to ask… Read more »