Your Issues With Daytime Fatigue May Be Due To Sleep Apnea

Has work been more difficult lately because of frequent daytime fatigue? Are you losing interest in social activities because you always feel tired? People who start to struggle with feelings of exhaustion, even on days when they believe they slept an appropriate length of time, may be struggling with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more than just a problem with snoring – if you have this problem, it can lead to troubles with daytime fatigue, interfere with your ability to manage physical and mental health problems, and may even cause a rise in your blood pressure! In other words, a problem with sleep apnea is something that can seriously impact your quality of life. Our Livonia, MI clinic is prepared to study your sleep to determine if this issue affects you, and we can recommend an appropriate treatment so that it no longer creates difficulties.

Sleep Apnea Can Interfere With Your Ability To Enjoy Restful Sleep

A person who struggles with sleep apnea can find it difficult to enjoy a full night’s rest, as their body is frequently being awoken because of a lack of air. The inability to breathe can force you out of your sleep cycle, thereby interrupting the important health benefits that rest is supposed to provide. While you may believe you slept through the night, these interruptions can effectively stop you from feeling the positive effects of uninterrupted slumber.

We Can Help You Determine If Sleep Apnea Is Affecting You

In addition to offering a sleep assessment to help you determine if you have sleep apnea, we can perform a consultation to settle whether this problem is affecting you. If it is, we can move forward with treatment to help you once again enjoy the full benefits of a night’s sleep. The sooner we can come to an understanding as to whether or not the problem is something that you should be concerned with, the sooner we can stop it from causing increasing harm. That daytime fatigue you experience can do more than just make work difficult – you could be at higher risk for dozing off or becoming distracted while driving, which could have severe consequences!

Treating Your Troubled Sleep With An Oral Appliance

While people often assume that sleep apnea treatment has to involve a CPAP machine, this is not always the case. Based on your needs, we may be able to recommend treatment with a custom oral appliance. The appliance keeps your airways open by changing the position of your jaw  in order to keep your airways clear. This gentle change can be enough to help you regain proper breathing, and once again enjoy restful sleep.

Discuss Daytime Fatigue And Sleep Apnea At Our Livonia, MI Clinic

It is important to treat persistent daytime fatigue as more than just an inconvenience – the problem could be a symptom of sleep apnea! Our Livonia, MI clinic is prepared to help you determine if this problem is responsible for your troubles, and we can help you address the matter so it no longer affects you. To learn more, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.