Untreated Sleep Apnea Can Lead To High Blood Pressure

When it comes to high blood pressure, diet choices and lack of exercise are often seen as responsible. What you might not realize is that untreated issues with sleep apnea can negatively affect your blood pressure, making it harder for you to control even as you make changes to manage it. This is one of many reasons you should take signs of sleep apnea seriously, and look into treatment if you believe that it affects you. At our Livonia, MI clinic, we are able to address sleep apnea with an oral appliance, or by providing you a CPAP machine to help restore restful sleep to your life.

Sleep Apnea Can Cause More Than Just Snoring Problems

If you are currently dealing with sleep apnea, you can be well aware of how it causes you to snore at night. What you should know is that it can also be responsible for feelings of fatigue during the day, as well as issues with your blood pressure. An unresolved problem with sleep apnea can also lead to an irregular heartbeat, and difficulties managing other health issues.

How Can Sleep Apnea Be Treated?

If you deal with obstructive sleep apnea, we can recommend treatment with a custom oral appliance that adjusts your jaw to keep your breathing passages clear. When this appliance is in position, it can stop interference with breathing from impacting your ability to rest properly at night. Our practice is also able to help with a CPAP machine.

Unsure If You Are Struggling With Sleep Troubles? An Assessment Can Help

How can you tell if sleep apnea currently affects you? People often look at snoring as a sign of sleep apnea, but not everyone has a partner or housemate who can alert them to this problem. Pay attention to your feelings during the day – people who often feel groggy, irritable, or inattentive can have difficulties with sleep that need to be addressed. You should also consider the possibility that sleep apnea is affecting you if you often feel like you had a poor night’s sleep despite what should have been an appropriate amount of rest. Our sleep apnea assessment can help you determine if you should be worried about this problem. If the assessment suggests that sleep apnea might be affecting you, we can schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Can Help You Deal With Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, patients who struggle with sleep apnea can come to us for relief! Treating this problem means more than just putting a stop to chronic snoring. Unresolved issues can affect your blood pressure, cause you to develop and irregular heartbeat, and create additional troubles for your well-being. To find out more, contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.