A Lack Of Restful Sleep Can Affect Your Quality Of Life

If you go without appropriate rest for an extended period of time, the impact on your mental and physical health can become hard to ignore. A person who is not sleeping properly may be more prone to accidents, they can struggle with a lack of concentration, and their mood can be negatively affected. It is also possible for sleep loss to interfere with your efforts to maintain your health. While many people who experience this issue simply fail to rest for a recommended length, others can experience signs of fatigue even though they feel they should be enjoying enough sleep. You may find yourself feeling tired, frustrated, and weakened by a lack of sleep because of sleep apnea. This condition disrupts your rest cycle throughout the night, making it hard for your body to benefit fully from a night’s sleep. Our Livonia, MI clinic help people assess whether sleep apnea is affecting them, and we can recommend treatments when necessary.

A Lack Of Sleep Can Make Your Daily Life More Difficult

To put it simply, you may have a hard time feeling fully yourself when you are not enjoying enough rest. Your mood, your appearance, your concentration, and even your health can be affected by poor sleeping habits. This is why it is important to take signs of fatigue seriously even if you believe you are enjoying eight hours of rest each night. If you are struggling with sleep apnea, that period of sleep may be less restful than you realize!

The Link Between Your Rest And Your Health

Your body repeats its sleep cycle throughout the night, with each cycle spending more time in its late stages. When you are not sleeping enough, or when your sleep is interrupted, you can fail to complete these cycles. As a result, it may be harder for your body to fully recover at night. In addition to affecting your energy levels and mood, this can increase your risk for potentially serious matters. It can be more difficult for you to control your blood pressure if you are not sleeping enough, and you may have a more difficult time managing your mental health.

Is Sleep Apnea Responsible For Your Problems?

By assessing your risk factors for sleep apnea, and reviewing your struggles with fatigue, you can determine if sleep apnea might be affecting your life. Our clinic uses oral appliances as well as CPAP machines to help individuals who struggle with this problem. When treated, a patient can once again return to restful sleep and put a stop to their struggles.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Provides Relief From Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, we have experience working with people who struggle to maintain restful sleep at night. If you feel that you might be affected by sleep apnea, we can help you determine an effective long-term solution to the problem! To learn more about our practice and Dr. Stewart’s work in treating sleep apnea, call us at (734) 425-4400.