Recognizing The Symptoms Linked To Sleep Apnea

Sure, you seem to be tired most days, even when you slept through the night without issue, and your partner is growing concerned about your snoring. Is it really time to start worrying about sleep apnea? At our Livonia, MI clinic, we can speak to patients about the potential harm that untreated sleep apnea can cause. If the matter is not being managed, it can interfere with your rest cycle and deprive you of health benefits we are supposed to receive from sleep. By ignoring the signs of this condition, you can extend the amount of time you spend without enjoying the benefits of proper rest, which can affect your mood and general well-being. It can even lead to issues like high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat! For those people who are unsure if they have this problem, we can offer a sleep apnea assessment to help you look for worrying symptoms and signs.

Look Out For These Signs Of Sleep Apnea

Snoring is often recognized as a sign of sleep apnea, though you can snore without having sleep apnea. With that said, you should be concerned if you frequently struggle with heavy snoring, or if you make labored breathing sounds at night. You should also pay attention to how you feel during the day. If you regularly have to resist the urge to doze off, if you are irritable or distracted, or if you struggle with a lack of energy, sleep apnea could be to blame.

What Should You Know About This Condition?

Sleep apnea can pull your body out of your rest cycle frequently at night. Even if you have no memory of waking up, you can still show symptoms you might expect to see in someone who had little sleep. Over time, that lack of restful sleep can make it harder for you to manage your blood pressure, and may create problems for you if you are trying to manage other physical or mental health concerns.

We Can Find The Right Approach To Treating Your Sleep Apnea

We offer solutions to patients who are struggling with sleep apnea. For obstructive sleep apnea, we can provide patients with a custom oral appliance. This appliance changes the position of your jaw in a way that keeps your airways from being blocked, so you are not losing air while you sleep. We can also help patients by providing CPAP machines if the appliance is less effective or less comfortable for them.

Talk To Dr. Stewart About Your Risk For Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, we are ready to help patients who struggle with sleep apnea. If you think this problem might be affecting you, or if you have symptoms that you want to discuss, please call Dr. Stweart’s office at (734) 425-4400.