Am I Snoring At Night Because I Have Sleep Apnea?

If you know that you have a problem with snoring, you can feel self-conscious about it, and you may worry about the cause of this problem. Snoring is one of the symptoms that can be present when a person is struggling with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea disturbs a person’s sleep throughout the night, and effectively prevents them from experiencing the full benefits of rest. If you are letting the problem go untreated, you can experience issues with daytime fatigue, energy loss, problems with your mood, and physical health issues. At our Livonia, MI clinic, we offer different solutions to people who have lost the ability to sleep properly because of this condition.

Your Snoring Habit May Be A Symptom Of Sleep Apnea

When a person’s breathing passages are partially blocked by soft tissues in their throat, they may snore while resting. These blockages may also cause periods where you do not breath, or they can cause you to make other difficult and unpleasant noises. Losing air for extended periods of time will force your body out of sleep, breaking your rest cycle and making it harder for you to experience the appropriate recovery periods that happen at night. Letting this go on for an extended period of time can be harmful to your mental and physical health.

Take An Assessment To Determine Your Risk For Sleep Troubles

If you snore, and you worry about possible sleep apnea, it can help to know what the common risk factors are for this condition, and the other symptoms associated with it. Your weight, your blood pressure, and your family history of sleep troubles can all point to your potential risk for sleep apnea. An individual who has started to show signs of chronic fatigue, despite resting for an appropriate period of time each night, should consider the possibility that this issue is responsible for their troubles.

The Importance Of Addressing Issues With Your Sleep

Without proper sleep, you can have a difficult time managing your health, you can be more prone to accidents, and you can struggle to focus and accomplish important daily tasks. You can treat the matter with a special sleep appliance, or by using a CPAP machine to maintain your breathing. By doing something about this problem, you can put a stop to problems that are negatively impacting your health, and start enjoying a better quality of life.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Has Experience Treating Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, Dr. Stewart has worked with many people who struggled with sleep apnea. Once the problem is identified and addressed, you can once again enjoy the benefits of a proper night’s rest! If you wish to learn more, call our Livonia, MI clinic at (734) 425-4400.