Untreated Sleep Apnea And Its Potential Effect On Your Mood

Sleep apnea interferes with your life by preventing you from enjoying the important health benefits that come from a full night’s rest. This can lead to both physical and mental tolls that can worsen as you continue to let the matter go untreated. A person who is affected by sleep apnea can become irritable, unfocused, and groggy. Your condition may even lead to worrying complications if you currently struggle with your mental health. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be successfully addressed. At our Livonia, MI clinic, we can use different treatment approaches to help those individuals who are being deprived of beneficial rest due to sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Can Cause Problems Associated With Sleep Deprivation

When sleep apnea affects a person, it prevents them from completing their rest cycle. Under normal circumstances, your body would go through the rest cycles multiple times, with your stretches in different periods growing longer through repetition. When sleep apnea breaks your rest, it puts an end to the cycle and stops your body from recovering as fully as it should. As with a lack of sleep, interference with your rest blocks you from gaining as much benefit from sleep as you should enjoy. This can affect your physical health – for instance, your risk for experiencing an irregular heart rate can increase, and you may find it harder to keep your blood pressure under control. You can also have a harder time maintaining your energy levels and emotional state during the day.

How Can I Tell If Sleep Apnea Is A Problem For Me?

Sleep apnea sufferers often snore and breathe loudly, something that your partner can alert you to. It can also put you through an experience similar to what you might experience if you lack enough sleep. Feeling tired, irritable, or unfocused – despite having what should have been a good night’s rest – can be a concerning sign. You may want to look into the possibility you are affected by sleep apnea if you are finding it more difficult to maintain your mental health.

Determining The Right Appliance For Your Treatment

More than one appliance can help you rest properly each night. With a sleep appliance, you can use a custom-made guard at night to keep your airways clear. When in place, it changes the position of your jaw in order to keep your breathing passages from being cut off. There is also the option of treating your troubles with a CPAP machine, which helps you maintain consistent breathing at night.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Has Experience Caring For Patients With Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, patients who have struggled with sleep apnea can undergo treatment to address their issues. If you have questions, or if you think this problem is impacting your quality of life, please reach your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.