Can I Address Sleep Apnea By Changing Certain Behaviors?

senior man able to sleep without problemsIf you frequently feel tired, irritable, and unfocused, you should be concerned about a potential issue with poor sleep. Sleep apnea is often known to people as an issue linked to snoring. What they may not realize is how much impact this condition can have on a person’s health due to its effect on their ability to complete their sleep cycles at night. Letting this problem go untreated can lead to chronic fatigue, issues with high blood pressure, and other concerning health issues. Behavioral changes can be helpful, but there are factors that might predispose you to having troubles with this condition. Our Livonia, MI clinic has helped many people put issues with sleep apnea behind them by offering treatment options that allow them to rest without interruption.

Some People Have A Higher Risk Than Others

Why are you struggling with sleep apnea? There are certain factors that can change a person’s risk for developing this problem. It could be due to smoking or drinking habits, or issues with your weight. With that said, there are also problems with allergies, or the shape and length of certain oral and throat structures, that make some people more likely to experience this problem than others. If you have struggled to make changes in your daily life and still have concerns about sleep apnea, talking to a professional can help.

Behavioral Changes That May Help You Address Your Issues

Cutting alcohol and tobacco products can sometimes be effective at putting a stop to a person’s recent sleep apnea issues. Alcohol has the effect of relaxing your muscles, which can lead to interference with your airways when you are asleep. This substance and others that produce a relaxing effect can make someone more prone to sleep issues. You can also help yourself by taking action to reduce your troubles with allergies. A thorough cleaning of your bedroom can remove a buildup of dust and dander that may be interfering with your breathing.

What Can Happen If You Continue To Let Sleep Apnea Go Untreated?

While it can be helpful to know why you struggle with sleep apnea, treating it should be a priority. If you have this problem for any reason, it can effectively stop you from enjoying a good night’s rest on a persistent basis, which can lead to issues that affect your mood, concentration, and physical health. We can help you determine what appliance might be right for you. While some people are effectively treated with a custom oral appliance that keeps their breathing passages free, others may be better supported with a CPAP machine.

Your Livonia, MI Clinic Can Help You Deal With Sleep Apnea

Your Livonia, MI clinic can help you determine if sleep apnea is affecting you, and we can provide treatment to help you move past the problem. To learn more, please call Dr. Stewart’s Livonia dental practice at (734) 425-4400.