Understanding Your Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

sound, peaceful sleepWhen sleep apnea is not being treated, you can struggle with more potential problems than you might realize. As your condition continues to affect you, it can cause embarrassing snoring problem, fatigue, issues with irritability and short-term memory, and even problems with your heart rate and blood pressure! Issues with snoring and sleep apnea can occur when the muscles and soft tissues in your throat interfere with your airways. While behavioral changes can help some people move past this problem, others may not recover without treatment. Our Livonia, MI clinic can help you find a lasting solution to your troubles, which can lead to better health and better rest!

Certain Issues Can Make A Person Prone To Sleep Apnea

Weight problems, alcohol use, and a history of sleep troubles in your family may affect your likelihood of struggling with sleep apnea and snoring. For some people, lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss and less alcohol consumption can help put a stop to sleep troubles. With that said, you should take symptoms of sleep apnea seriously. If you have not been evaluated, and your problem persists, you can continue to experience the negative effects of this condition.

Sleep Apnea Can Lead To Serious Health Issues

You can struggle with more than just a habit of snoring if you are dealing with sleep apnea. This problem forces your body out of the sleep cycle throughout the night, which can lead to problems associated with a lack of sleep. Your short-term memory can be negatively impacted, and you can struggle to maintain your mood and focus throughout each day. There is also an increased risk of falling asleep during the day, which can make driving less safe.

If sleep apnea is not addressed, it can lead to problems with your heart health. High blood pressure and problems with an irregular heart beat can be linked to this condition.

Using An Appliance To Treat Your Condition

While many people familiar with sleep apnea can expect to receive a CPAP machine for treatment, this is not always necessary. You may benefit from having a custom oral appliance that helps you keep your airways open. It does this by changing the position of your jaw so that soft tissues are not able to interfere with your breathing. With that said, it may be determined that a CPAP mask is the more effective solution for you after an evaluation.

Discuss Your Concerns About Sleep Apnea At Our Livonia, MI Clinic

Our Livonia, MI clinic has experience treating patients who struggle with sleep apnea and snoring. In addition to providing appliances that help people sleep soundly, we can talk to you about common risk factors that you can address to reduce your risk for problems. To find out more, please call Dr. Stewart’s dental clinic in Livonia, MI at (734) 425-4400.