Questions To Ask If You Are Worried About Sleep Apnea

woman with question mark imageShould you start to worry that sleep apnea is affecting your life? This problem is often lumped in with snoring, but while it can cause you to snore, it can also hurt your overall well-being in ways that should concern you. Untreated sleep apnea can leave you vulnerable to chronic fatigue, irritability, and even physical problems like high blood pressure. Our Livonia, MI clinic can help you if you worry that this problem is affecting you. We can explore your risk factors for sleep apnea, discuss your problems with snoring and other symptoms of this condition, and recommend treatment options. Because this problem creates a barrier between you and the health benefits of rest, it is something that you should address as soon as possible!

What Is Your Risk Factor For Sleep Apnea?

How likely are you to struggle with sleep apnea? Different issues can impact someone’s likelihood of developing this problem in time. Your weight can be a factor, as can troubles with a deviated septum. If you know that you snore, have trouble controlling your blood pressure, and also find yourself feeling poorly rested on an ongoing basis, you should look further into this condition.

Do You Often Feel Tired, Even After A Full Night’s Rest?

While snoring can be an easy symptom to pick up on, pay attention to the way you feel during the day. It can be less than surprising to feel groggy in the morning if you slept fitfully, or only for a short time. However, if you frequently have difficulty feeling rested, and you often show signs of sleep deprivation even when you had a full night’s rest, it could be sleep apnea. This condition interferes with your breathing while you are at rest, which breaks up your sleep cycle throughout the night. As a result, the health benefits that come with healthy sleep are not available to you.

How Can This Problem Be Treated?

Through treatment, you can protect yourself against sleep apnea and its toll on your well-being. One thing that can help is a special sleep appliance. A custom oral insert is provided to you in order to keep your breathing passages open during the night, ensuring that your body remains at rest. You can also discuss using a CPAP machine, which helps patients sustain their airflow as they sleep.

Talk To Our Livonia, MI Clinic About Your Sleep Apnea

Our Livonia, MI clinic is prepared to help patients who worry that their quality of life is being affected by sleep apnea. If you think this condition is interfering with your physical and emotional well-being, or if you are just trying to bring a snoring issue under control, we can help! You can find out more by calling Dr. Stewart’s Livonia dental practice at (734) 425-4400.