Reviewing Treatment Options For Your Sleep Apnea Issues

If you let an issue with sleep apnea go untreated, you make yourself vulnerable to more than just an embarrassing snoring problem. When sleep apnea becomes a problem, it results in nightly breathing interruptions that interfere with your sleep cycles. As a result, your body is not gaining the benefits of sleep that it should, resulting in problems with your emotional and physical well-being. These issues can range from problems with daytime fatigue to difficulties with high blood pressure! At our Livonia, MI clinic, patients who have concerns about sleep apnea can find out if they require treatment. We offer treatment with CPAP machines, but we can also recommend care with custom oral appliances that allow you to breathe freely throughout the night.

A Custom Oral Appliance Can Keep Your Breathing Passages Unobstructed

With a custom oral appliance, we can help you rest fully and move past problems with obstructive sleep apnea. The oral appliance is custom-made to fit comfortably for you, which means it can remain secure and stay in position through the night. When it is in place, it will change the position of your jaw so that you no longer experience interruptions in your breathing. That adjustment allows you to rest fully and deeply, which means you can once again complete your sleep cycles!

Using A CPAP Machine To Keep Your Breathing Steady Through The Night

With a CPAP machine, continuous air pressure is used to aid you in maintaining your breathing throughout the night. A CPAP mask will keep the air moving, stopping you from experiencing a loss of breath that forces you awake.

Can A Change In Your Habits Help You Fight Sleep Apnea?

Certain changes in your diet and daily behavior can help you fight ongoing problems with sleep apnea. It may help to cut back on alcohol consumption, and to focus on weight loss. Treatment for a deviated septum can also be beneficial. One thing to remember is that if you think the problem is affecting you, it should be taken seriously. Letting time pass without treatment can result in more troubles with your emotional well-being, difficulties managing your physical health, and difficulties with chronic fatigue that impact your quality of life.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Can Help Patients Deal With Sleep Apnea

At our Livonia, MI clinic, Dr. Stewart can offer treatment for sleep apnea with a CPAP machine, or with the use of a custom appliance that allows you to breathe easily during the night. Sleep apnea treatment should be a priority, as the problem can affect your quality of life and health in worrying ways when nothing is done. If you have questions about treatment, or if you want to learn more about this condition, contact our Livonia, MI, dentist’s office by calling (734) 425-4400.