We Can Work With You To Address Your Snoring Habit

While it can be embarrassing to admit that you snore, talking about the problem – and seeking treatment – can be beneficial. Difficulties with snoring can be a sign that you are struggling to breathe properly at night, and may even serve as a warning that you have sleep apnea. This condition occurs when a person’s breathing is cut off for extended periods, forcing them awake and out of the rest cycle. Even if snoring is not connected to this condition, it can be upsetting to know that you snore at night, particularly if the habit is keeping your partner awake. At our Livonia, MI clinic, we can work with you to find a lasting solution to your snoring difficulties.

Snoring Can Be An Embarrassing And Difficult Matter To Address

It can be difficult to know how you can address your snoring troubles. You may be unsure what has caused you to start breathing loudly while you sleep, or if something like a change in habits will be enough to effectively stop it from continuing. There are behavioral changes that can help some people put the matter behind them, but others may benefit from treatment with a custom appliance. For those who struggle with sleep apnea, treating their sleep difficulties can be necessary to stop them from snoring.

What Can You Do To Put Your Snoring Problem Behind You?

Changes in your behavior can make a difference in your snoring troubles. Try to adjust to sleeping on your side, and forgo alcohol and any other muscle-relaxing products before you turn in for the evening. In the long term, it may take weight loss and treatment for sinus problems to effectively address snoring.

For some patients, oral appliance therapy can be the right way to move forward with correcting a snoring issue. We can provide a custom appliance that you wear while sleeping in order to rest quietly. The piece is carefully designed so that it fits comfortably and stays in place. Its presence keeps your airways clear so that no interference with your breathing occurs.

Is Your Snoring Connected To Sleep Apnea?

We can offer solutions if your snoring troubles are linked to sleep apnea. Just as an oral appliance can help with snoring, a custom guard can help improve the breathing of those with sleep apnea. We can also discuss the benefits of using a CPAP machine to help you address this problem.

We Can Discuss Your Issues With Snoring At Our Livonia, MI Clinic!

A snoring habit can be embarrassing, and it can be hard to deal with the matter on your own. If your snoring is connected to sleep apnea, treatment can do more than just help you rest quietly, it can also improve your overall health. To learn how we can help patients who have issues with snoring and sleep apnea, please contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.