How Sleep Apnea Negatively Affects Your Health

Sleep apnea can make your partner unhappy, as your persistent snoring problem can keep them awake. Concerns about snoring can be enough to motivate many people to seek treatment for their problem. With that said, there are other issues connected to this condition that you should know about. Sleep apnea can be the reason you wake up with headaches some mornings, and it can make you more likely to have issues with a sore throat during the day. In time, it can go on to affect your heart rate and blood pressure. At our Livonia, MI clinic, patients who show signs of sleep apnea can learn about different approaches to treatment that can keep them safe against this nighttime issue!

Problems With Sleep Apnea Lead To More Than Just Snoring

It would be a mistake to assume that problems with sleep apnea are “only” connected to snoring. These issues can be linked, but sleep apnea also creates problems for your well-being because it prevents you from completing your rest cycles. With this condition forcing you awake throughout the night, you can begin to experience symptoms that are similar to the ones that affect people with sleep deprivation. Those symptoms can include chronic fatigue, irritability, short-term memory loss, and difficulty staying awake during the day. Troubles with a lack of sleep can also cause worrying physical changes.

Your Blood Pressure And Sleep Apnea

When you struggle with sleep apnea, your body loses oxygen during the night because of obstructions to your air flow. Those interruptions force your body out of rest, and it negatively affects your heart rate. When you are not taking in air, your heartbeat can increase. These changes can lead to a gradual raising of your blood pressure, which can make you more vulnerable to serious health problems. This condition can also lead to the development of an irregular heart rate, which also causes certain health risks.

Arranging Treatment For Sleep Apnea

Through treatment, your issues with sleep apnea can be resolved so that you can rest peacefully again. One way to address this problem is with a custom sleep appliance. By placing the appliance in your mouth before bed, you have support that will keep your airways free of obstructions while you are sleeping. You can also receive help in the form of a CPAP machine, which helps you sustain continuous airway pressure at rest to stop sleep apnea from hurting you.

Talk To Dr. Stewart About Your Issues With Sleep Apnea!

If you struggle with sleep apnea, you should know that treating the matter as soon as possible will help you avoid potentially serious issues with your well-being! To find out more, and to find out how the right procedure can help you, contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.