What Can I Do To Lower My Risk For Sleep Apnea?

People who struggle with sleep apnea can experience several frustrating problems, some of which can have a serious impact on their overall health. By recognizing early warning signs of this condition, or recognizing that you are vulnerable to experiencing sleep apnea, you can make changes to protect your physical and mental well-being. You can be more likely to start experiencing the effects of sleep apnea if your family has a history of this problem, if you are heavier or have a larger neck, or if you have trouble with a deviated septum. One thing to watch out for is the onset of daytime fatigue and other symptoms of sleep deprivation, as they can be connected to UARS, a problem people often experience before sleep apnea. Our Livonia, MI clinic is prepared to help patients avoid and recover from this sleep disorder so that they can once again rest peacefully!

What Can Make A Person Vulnerable To Sleep Apnea Issues?

There are several issues that suggest that a person is more likely to experience sleep apnea. Do you have family members that struggle with this problem? Are you struggling to deal with high blood pressure or your weight? Have you been dealing with a deviated septum? These can all affect your risk for developing this problem.

UARS Can Affect Someone At Risk For Developing Sleep Apnea

Upper airway resistance syndrome, or UARS, is a condition that people can struggle with before they experience sleep apnea. Like sleep apnea, this problem can make it difficult for you to feel fully rested even after a full night’s rest. Recognizing that you have UARS can be difficult, as people who develop this problem often do not snore or make sounds as if they are struggling to breathe. If you have started to feel sluggish on a recurring basis, if you often awaken during the night, or if you have a harder time falling asleep, UARS could be why.

Addressing Sleep Apnea Can Help You Preserve Your Health

By addressing sleep apnea, you can do more than just have more restful sleep. You can put a stop to problems with heartburn and morning headaches, and you can even have an easier time controlling your blood pressure! Our practice can provide you with a CPAP machine to help you fight sleep apnea, or we can recommend the use of a sleep appliance. We can also help you identify your risk factors for this problem so that you can make necessary lifestyle changes to avoid further sleep troubles.

Talk To Your Livonia, MI Clinic About Sleep Apnea

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