Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Improve Your General Health

What can you gain from having an issue with sleep apnea treated? Many people are aware of sleep apnea as a problem that causes snoring, but they do not recognize the other ways in which it can influence their well-being. If this problem is affecting you, it can deprive you of energy during the day, negatively affect your mood, and even complicate your ability to manage your mental and physical health. This problem also poses a threat to your health because it can raise your blood pressure and make you more likely to suffer from an irregular heartbeat. At our dentist’s office in the Livonia/Detroit, MI area, we are prepared to help you fight this condition. We can discuss treatment with a CPAP machine, but we also offer sleep apnea treatment in the form of oral appliance therapy!

The Consequences Of Untreated Sleep Apnea

If you are not dealing with sleep apnea, it can negatively affect you in many ways. Have you noticed that it is harder to stay refreshed and alert during a typical day? Is it harder to stay focused while you work? These issues can be traced back to poor sleep, a result of sleep apnea. You can also experience problems with short term memory, difficulty managing your mood, and worrying physical changes! The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can resolve this problem and start enjoying the physical benefits of a full night’s sleep.

How Oral Appliance Therapy Helps Patients Enjoy The Benefits Of Rest

For those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, a form of sleep apnea that blocks your airways at night, oral appliance therapy can help. A custom sleep guard will be made for you by your dentist. Its shape and size will ensure that it fits you comfortably and remains in place. What it does is hold your jaw in a position that prevents soft tissues in your throat from cutting off your ability to breathe. As a result, you can once again stay asleep throughout the night and stop suffering from the effects of sleep apnea!

Unsure If Sleep Apnea Is Affecting You? Look For These Signs

If you are not sure if sleep apnea is truly a concern for you, perform an assessment to see if you are struggling with sleep issues. Sleep apnea can be a concern if you are struggling to manage your blood pressure, if you have weight issues or troubles with your sinuses, or if you frequently drink in the evenings.

Our Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist’s Office Helps Patients Struggling With Sleep Apnea

If you think sleep apnea is affecting you, let Dr. James Stewart know as soon as possible to enjoy relief from this problem. In time, your condition can take a considerable toll on your health, making prompt care a priority. To find out more about our services, contact your Livonia/Detroit, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.