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Oral Appliance Therapy And Your Sleep

The struggles you have with sleep apnea can have several negative impacts on your well-being. Snoring is a common concern, but you also have to deal with issues often associated with sleep deprivation. Because you are not able to complete your rest cycles, you can deal with worsening fatigue, experience irritability and trouble focusing, and… Read more »

Using A Custom Guard To Address Sleep Apnea

When you feel as though you never enjoy restful sleep, or your partner expresses concerns about your snoring and audible breathing difficulties during the night, you should be concerned about sleep apnea. Problems with obstructive sleep apnea stem from obstructions of your airways that affect your ability to remain asleep throughout the night. Until this… Read more »

How An Oral Appliance Improves Nightly Breathing

Troubled breathing that affects you while you sleep can cause you to snore, which can make it difficult for your partner to rest. In addition to causing this embarrassing problem, interference with your breathing passages can cause you to suffer from sleep apnea. A person who suffers from this will have a harder time fully… Read more »

Starting Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

When you have problems with sleep apnea that you do not manage, you can find yourself dealing with many worrying problems. Fatigue can become a regular problem with your daily life, as it can make it difficult to manage your daily tasks while also impacting your mood. You can also have a more difficult time… Read more »

Pursuing Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, you have more than just a nightly tendency to snore to worry about. The development of this sleep disorder can take a worrying toll on your physical health as well as your emotional well-being. The problems you face can include chronic fatigue, problems with high blood pressure, and difficulty managing… Read more »

Address Sleep Apnea Through Oral Appliance Therapy

Has the time come for you to seek treatment for sleep apnea? This is a problem that can cause more than just snoring—by putting off services to address it, you can put your emotional and physical health at risk. Our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office can offer you an effective treatment in the form of oral… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy And Your Nightly Breathing

When soft tissues in your throat interfere with your ability to breathe, it can become harder for you to enjoy a proper night’s rest. In addition to making you snore, this problem can lead to obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that disrupts your sleep cycle and affects your overall health. Our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office… Read more »

Oral Appliance Therapy And Your Nightly Rest

When you regularly enjoy a full night’s rest, you enjoy more energy throughout the day, you can have an easier time maintaining a healthy mood, and you can have an easier time preserving your overall well-being. If you go through a period where your sleep is disrupted, you can quickly come to appreciate just how… Read more »

Correcting Sleep Apnea With Oral Appliance Therapy

Is it time for you to do something about sleep apnea? This problem can affect your daily life in more ways than you anticipate. People who suffer from this condition can be more vulnerable to other health conditions. They can also be more likely to have trouble staying focused and energized during the day, and… Read more »

Enjoy Better Rest With An Oral Appliance

Until you do something about obstructive sleep apnea, your nightly breathing difficulties will keep you from enjoying a full night’s rest. This is a problem that can cause more disruption in your life than you anticipate. Sleep apnea can force a person out of rest throughout the night, breaking their sleep cycle. This can lead… Read more »