Should I Seek Help For Snoring?

The trouble you have with nightly snoring can be something that causes you embarrassment. It may also be something that frustrates a partner or roommate, as your labored breathing may be noisy enough to keep them from resting properly. Unfortunately, in some cases, snoring is part of a larger problem with sleep apnea. When you have this condition and let it go untreated, it can rob you of your ability to rest properly during the night, which can lead to issues with your mood, focus, short-term memory, and physical health! Our Livonia/Detroit, MI dentist’s office is proud to offer support to our patients who have this issue. We can provide a custom oral appliance as an alternative form of treatment to a CPAP machine. When you wear your appliance, it will keep your airways open so that you can breathe soundly and rest quietly.

There Are Different Reasons Why People Snore

There are different physical factors that can make a person vulnerable to snoring. A person who is overweight may have more pressure on their breathing passages, while repeated issues with poor sinus health and congestion can narrow or block these passages. Sometimes, the issue is tied to certain personal behaviors, as substances like alcohol can relax muscles that should remain active as you sleep.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Sometimes, a person who snores has so much trouble with airway interference that they are not able to breathe while they rest. This forces them out of their sleep cycle, which means they are not receiving the full benefits of rest. This is what happens when you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea—if it is not dealt with, you can experience problems that are associated with sleep deprivation, and you become vulnerable to health risks. In addition to having problems with fatigue, irritability, and more that are linked to a lack of sleep, the changes in your breathing can result in physical responses at night that raise your blood pressure, making you more likely to experience problems with your heart health.

Using An Oral Appliance To Improve Nightly Breathing

With a custom oral appliance, you can keep your airways open and enjoy better nightly breathing that preserves your health. This kind of therapy takes the place of a CPAP machine, which may be difficult to adjust to when you are trying to rest. With the use of digital imaging technology, we can gather detailed information while making preparations for your care more comfortable for you! For those who have snoring issues but do not suffer from sleep apnea, we can still recommend appliance therapy along with possible behavioral changes to help you breathe softly.

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist About Snoring Treatment

Whether you are struggling with an embarrassing snoring problem or need help with sleep apnea, our practice can take care of you. If you would like to learn more about our support and services, please contact your Livonia, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.