Social Side Effects of Sleep Apnea

bedangryYou may recognize the physical significance of losing sleep as a result of sleep apnea. This is the condition that occurs when your throat muscles collapse during sleep, cutting off your airways. You will wake with a start, gasp for air, and fall asleep again – this event is often over so quickly that patients do not remember it when they wake in the morning. But have you considered the social side effects? In addition to providing you with a better night of rest, sleep apnea treatment may improve your social life, too.

Those Mood Swings

Exhaustion tends to cause crankiness. Even if you find you have sudden spurts of energy during the day, a common side effect of sleep apnea is mood swings. One second you feel happy, the next you feel awful. Friends and loved ones may not take kindly to your extremes in emotion, and may wonder why you are taking everything out on them. You may wonder the same thing, which is where sleep apnea treatment can help.

Your Significant Other

You keep waking up during the night, but you don’t have any memory of your sleep apnea events. However, your significant other may be waking up with you, well aware of what is going on and just as sleep deprived. Sleep apnea may cause tension in relationships, particularly when your significant other is frustrated by being woken up – or if you are both experiencing mood swings that makes for a tumultuous time.

Concentrating On Work

In addition to emotional concerns, your sleep loss may make it very difficult to concentrate on your daily tasks. This may cause problems with daily scheduling and your ability to complete your work, particularly when it comes to your career. You may find that you fall behind and have trouble communicating with colleagues on projects that would otherwise be a breeze.

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