Some of the Stranger Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Explained

womanholdingthroatYou have likely heard that sufferers of sleep apnea tend to become labeled as loud snorers. You may also know that patients who experience this sleep disorder wake up several times a night, gasping for air. However, have you ever wondered about the not-so-obvious symptoms of sleep apnea and why they occur? We encourage you to look over the following associated concerns that may happen to you if you are dealing with this problem – fortunately, by seeking treatment, you can say goodbye to the side effects and hello to a good night’s rest.

What’s With These Symptoms?

Sore Throat

Have you found that you wake up in the morning with a sore throat? This happens for a reason and is often a warning sign that you require sleep apnea treatment. Those familiar with this sleep disorder know that snoring is caused by your throat tissues partially relaxing and vibrating against one another, while sleep apnea is caused by the complete collapse of these tissues, causing you to wake choking, gasping for air. The contact of these tissue throughout the night will lead to soreness, which is why your throat doesn’t feel too wonderful when you wake up.

Dry Mouth

Feel like you’re waking up with a mouth full of cotton as a result of sleep apnea? The reason is simple. The sleep disorder is based on a problem with breathing. During the majority of the night, you struggle to take in adequate air. In addition to gasping during waking episodes, sufferers also tend to sleep with open mouths, which facilitates breathing in a greater amount of air. The result? Your saliva dries out and you wake up to the accompanying sensation. If you identify with this symptom or a sore throat, contact us so we may determine whether treatment can improve your comfort.


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