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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

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When you experience issues like chronic snoring or daytime drowsiness, then you could be experiencing the symptoms of a serious disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea. Knowing when to seek treatment can help you enjoy a better night’s rest and an improved quality of life. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about recognizing… Read more »

How We Help People Stop Snoring

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If you snore on a regular basis, this could be a sign of a sleep disorder like sleep apnea. Which is why treatment to help control your snoring is so helpful. In today’s blog, your Livonia, MI, dentist talks about how we help people stop snoring and protect them from the complications of sleep apnea.

Is Your Snoring Problem Keeping Your Partner Awake?

One of the many concerns people have about their snoring habit is how it might be affecting their partner. The embarrassing reality may be that you are keeping them up because you struggle with loud, awkward breathing at night. You can feel self-conscious about this, and they can experience the negative health effects of improper… Read more »

Pretty Good Signs You Need A Sleep Assessment

You might really want to come in for a sleep assessment because something is telling you that you might be dealing with a sleep disorder. Or, someone has been telling you that it seems you may have serious snoring to contend with or that maybe you’re a sleep apnea sufferer! However, as much as you… Read more »

When You Only Know You’re Very Tired

Let’s say you stumbled upon our Livonia, MI team as you looked around online, trying to figure out why you’re so sleepy. You know that you’ve been fatigued but you never really considered a sleep disorder before because, well, you don’t even know anything about them. Also, you don’t remember waking up throughout the night,… Read more »

Trying To Self Diagnose: Don’t Do It!

When you’re not sure what’s going on with your sleeping patterns, you might take it upon yourself to begin researching as much as you can. You talk with friend and family. You head to the drugstore under the assumption that you’re snoring, it’s waking you up at night, and that’s why you’re so tired! You… Read more »

Scheduling A Sleep Visit: 2 Things To Stop Telling Yourself

You probably need to schedule a sleep visit with us if you have been thinking that something might not be quite right with your nightly sleep! Are you someone who snores and you recently caught wind of the fact that this is not something that’s necessarily healthy for you (and that it’s also something a… Read more »

Isn’t Snoring All In My Nose?

You may associate snoring with your nose, which is why you may have rushed out to purchase snoring nose strips to fix your sleep disorder. Unfortunately, this likely did not solve your concern, which leave you curious about why your efforts are not quite paying off. It’s important to recognize that while all of your… Read more »

Common Questions About Choosing A Sleep Appliance

When you hear that you might need to do nothing more than wear a sleep appliance to get your sleep problem all fixed up and solved, you might smile a very large grin! Then, after that, you may realize you don’t really know anything about these types of appliances. Is this a good thing? How… Read more »

Does Someone’s Snoring Bother You?

Studies show that many of us do not get enough sleep. The Center for Disease Control reported in February 2016 that 1/3 of Americans don’t regularly get enough sleep. Causes vary widely. We are busy people. Stores are open late, we stream favorite shows 24/7 and our phones are often at our sides demanding attention. Noises… Read more »