Second-Hand Sleep Disorder Effects

sleepapneacouple2When you’re exhausted during the day and feel frustrated with morning headaches, you’re doing a lot of thinking about yourself. For good reason, of course – losing sleep will result in a long list of uncomfortable side effects that impact everything from your social life to your physical wellbeing. However, have you stopped to think about the way the second-hand effects of your sleep disorder may disrupting the life of your loved one? Learn a bit more and seek snoring or sleep apnea treatment right away.

Sleep Deprivation Side Effects

Unfortunately, if you have not yet sought snoring or sleep apnea treatment for yourself, the person who sleeps (or attempts to sleep) next to you may be suffering from a similar list of side effects like the ones you experience every day. Why? When you wake up, your partner wakes up. In some instances, your partner may remain awake for longer periods of time out of frustration or due to worry about your struggle to breathe.

Relationship Impact

If you’re continuing to struggle with nightly snoring or sleep apnea – and you continue to refuse to seek snoring or sleep apnea treatment – you may find that you experience problems in your relationship. Your partner may become increasingly frustrated about experiencing daily exhaustion that he or she cannot resolve unless you agree to seek the care you need.

Long-Term Health Problems

Unfortunately, if you suffer from sleep apnea, you are at a higher risk of a variety of health problems in the future. Your partner’s risk of some of these problems may increase as well as the result of sleep deprivation. Protect yourself and your significant other from issues like heart health problems, liver problems, and high blood pressure by seeking treatment.