Isn’t Snoring All In My Nose?

You may associate snoring with your nose, which is why you may have rushed out to purchase snoring nose strips to fix your sleep disorder. Unfortunately, this likely did not solve your concern, which leave you curious about why your efforts are not quite paying off. It’s important to recognize that while all of your upper airways come into play to a certain degree, it’s actually not your nose that’s causing all of that racket! Find out more, so you’re closer to a solution (and so you better understand what’s happening with your sleep).

Where Snoring Occurs

Snoring happens in your throat. We know, you didn’t realize your sleep disorder was making all of that noise in this part of your body. However, once you understand what’s going on, this will make more sense (and remember, your upper airways are close to one another and connected). Snoring is happening with your throat tissues that should not touch but end up touching a bit. You breathe in, you breathe out, and they vibrate together. The resulting sound is the snoring.

When Your Nose Is An Issue

Your nose may come into play with this sleep disorder if you are congested. You already snore, of course, because your throat muscles aren’t staying active enough to keep tissues apart. Now, if you’re congested, your airways are further obstructed. The result? Oftentimes, additional and louder snoring. Clear up congestion to help end the problem.

What To Do

See us for a consultation about sleep disorders. If snoring is the problem, then we can help you by making adjustments that keep tissues in your throat from touching, which limits snoring. We can usually accomplish this by having you wear a mouthguard at night. The slightest re-adjusting of your jaw with the guard will help this take place!

Learn More About Snoring And Our Solutions

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