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When Should I Seek Professional Help For Sleep Apnea?

The quality of your sleep can affect your overall health. If your slumber is often interrupted by loud snoring and blocked airways, it can cause several side effects on your physical and mental well-being. Your Livonia, MI, dentist can help diagnose and treat your symptoms so you can rest better. The first step is identifying… Read more »

Your Sleep Disorder May Be Affecting Your Health

Did you know that getting enough rest at night can have a positive impact on your well-being? The quality of your ZZs is just as important as the hours that you are getting. If you snore or have disrupted airways at bedtime, you may not be getting a proper snooze. In return, you may begin… Read more »

How Can A Dentist Improve My Sleep?

Dr. Stewart treating your sleep problems can get you better rest.

Believe it or not, oral health and sleep quality go hand in hand. Sleep apnea and snoring can prevent you from getting a good night’s rest and cause problems for your mouth. Dry mouth and tooth decay are just some issues that may be associated with sleep disorders. Other problems like teeth crowding, misalignment, and… Read more »

Tired Before Lunch? Learn More About Common Sleep Disorders

Tired Before Lunch? Livonia MI

If you are having trouble getting moving in the morning, it could be a sign that it is time to speak with a professional. When you find that you are already tired before lunch, this may be a symptom of a common sleep disorder that is preventing you from receiving a full night of uninterrupted… Read more »

Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep With An Oral Appliance

Waking Up Livonia MI

If you find that you are still exhausted in the morning, it might not just be because you haven’t had your coffee yet. This may be a sign that you have an undiagnosed sleep disorder that is preventing you from receiving the quality rest that you need to have a successful day. Two of the… Read more »

A Non-Invasive Therapy For Your Sleep Disorder

Waking Up Healthy Livonia MI

If you struggle with your nightly rest, it could be a sign that you should speak with a trained oral health professional. Two of the five most common sleep disorders in this country are related to your mouth and throat, and both of these conditions can really impact the quality of your life. Talk to… Read more »

Your Sleep Disorder Could Be Affecting Your Health

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If you have been struggling with your sleep, stop letting your condition continue without treatment. Take some time to speak with a knowledgeable oral health professional about what is affecting your sleep. You may have a common sleep disorder and if you do, it may center around your mouth and throat. In fact, two of… Read more »

Treating Your Sleep Apnea

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When your family starts to bring up your loud and concerning snoring, it may be time to speak with an oral health professional about your condition. This could be a symptom of a common sleep disorder called chronic obstructive sleep apnea, and it can be seriously harmful to your health. This happens when the structure of… Read more »

Do You Have A Sleep Disorder?

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If you struggle with your sleep, you are certainly not alone, as sleep disorders are highly prevalent in this country. Chronic obstructive sleep apnea is one of these conditions, and this might mask as problem snoring. In actuality, your throat is losing definition as you sleep, causing you to block your own airway overnight. When… Read more »

A Brighter Tomorrow With Sleep Science

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If you struggle with your sleep, you should know that you are not alone. Two of the most common sleep disorders center around the mouth and neck and both can be dangerous for your lasting health. Bruxism is the term for overnight grinding and if your jaw is active during sleep, speak with a trained… Read more »