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How Has Your Summer Sleep Been?

Do you have kiddos who are about to go back to school, once summer vacation wraps up? If so, you’ve been enjoying a much more relaxed schedule than the much more structured routine that comes with life when school is in session. With that said, we wonder: How has your sleep been this summer? Perhaps… Read more »

Seeking Sleep Apnea Help: Concerns You Can Let Go 

There are some worries that might be causing you to cling to fear, rather than come in for the help you think you might need for sleep apnea. For instance, you may wonder if you actually need sleep apnea treatment or if we will tell you that it’s probably something else. You worry that you’ll… Read more »

When Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

You may come up with lots of adjectives as you consider what it might mean to end up with sleep apnea. However, what you may not ever realize is that it can be more than annoying, exhausting, frustrating, and confusing. Did you know that this sleep disorder can actually be dangerous, particularly when you decide… Read more »

Some Reasons You’re Snoring!

There are lots of factors that may go into the fact that you are snoring and could really use a snoring solution. As for pinpointing that one thing that can make things better, you may find that there’s a quick answer or that there’s a combination of culprits leading to this nighttime disturbance. The good… Read more »

Think About Your Life With Good Sleep

It’s easy to stay focused on the little details, when you’re absorbed in trying to figure out what to do about your sleeping issue. You know that you’re tired and cranky. You know that you don’t feel great. You are probably growing more and more aware of the fact that you really should come in… Read more »

Is Caffeine Impacting My Sleep Treatment?

If you’re wondering whether caffeine is solely responsible for the fact that you’re dealing with a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea, then the answer is no! Remember that with this issue, your throat muscles and tissues are collapsing, which blocks your ability to breathe. This is not something to which caffeine, a stimulant, contributes… Read more »

Seeking Sleep Treatment: Why There’s No Time Like The Present

You might find yourself feeling not-so-great on a daily basis, thanks to what you have figured is likely an issue with your sleep, such as sleep apnea. However, you also find that every day, you tell yourself you’ll definitely do something about it tomorrow. Today, you feel too busy, too tired, you just don’t want… Read more »

When You’ve Tried Before: Try Again!

We understand that from your perspective, you may feel like you’ve already tried. Rather than feeling disappointed, you figure it would be better to just do your best with your current sleep disorder and the sleep patterns they allow than to set yourself up to feel upset and defeated again! Fortunately, our Livonia, MI team… Read more »

Sleep Disorders: Surprisingly Common Details

When you suffer from a sleep disorder, you can cultivate a growing sense of isolation. What does our Livonia, MI team mean by this? Well, you may feel more and more alone in your struggle, whether you feel like you’re the only one who cannot seem to sleep through the night or that you’re the… Read more »

Awkward Sleep Apnea Conversation? Read On!

Sleep is such an important part of life. We spend about one-third of our life asleep, and when things aren’t going well for you or your sleeping partner it can be awkward.  When you are the one with the sleep disorder issue, you can choose to face it and find a solution. But when you… Read more »