Seeking Sleep Treatment: Why There’s No Time Like The Present

You might find yourself feeling not-so-great on a daily basis, thanks to what you have figured is likely an issue with your sleep, such as sleep apnea. However, you also find that every day, you tell yourself you’ll definitely do something about it tomorrow. Today, you feel too busy, too tired, you just don’t want to think about it, etc. We understand! However, our Livonia, MI team also reminds you that until you act, you’re placing your sleep and your overall health at great risk, so consider why we suggest calling us today.

You’re Depriving Your Brain Of Oxygen Nightly

Sometimes, when you decide to just wait for a while to do something about an issue you’re having, you know there are consequences but you know they’re not serious. Unfortunately, something patients often overlook is the fact that not only are you missing out on necessary sleep that your body needs every night when you put off learning more about sleep apnea treatment … but you’re actually letting a problem go on that is depriving your brain of essential oxygen! Seek treatment soon.

There’s No Effective OTC Option

You may be waiting to see us about sleep apnea and other sleep disorders because you figure if you spend enough time researching, you’ll probably be able to find a solution you can purchase at the drugstore or perform on your own. However, we remind patients that when you’re seeking a solution for this issue, you absolutely need to receive professional care.

Every Lost Night Of Sleep Is Serious

Part of you may think to yourself that missing nightly sleep is definitely frustrating but you also think that it’s not really any big deal. The truth is, it’s a huge deal. You cannot tell from the get-go but over time, sleep apnea, which is causing the aforementioned oxygen deprivation and sleep deprivation will negatively affect major organs and systems of your body. So, treat it now to avoid very grave consequences down the line.

Treatment Is Gentle And Easy, So…Start!

We understand if your primary reason for staying away for so long is the fact that you assume you’ll have to take a pill, use some form of treatment that’s uncomfortable or invasive, etc. The wonderful news we are always so happy to share is that treatment is gentle, noninvasive, and best of all: Effective.

Treat Your Sleep Concern ASAP

Don’t spend any more time thinking about calling our team to get started with your sleep treatment. Instead, contact us as soon as you can for a sleep assessment, so you may get back to sleep ASAP. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.