Some Reasons You’re Snoring!

There are lots of factors that may go into the fact that you are snoring and could really use a snoring solution. As for pinpointing that one thing that can make things better, you may find that there’s a quick answer or that there’s a combination of culprits leading to this nighttime disturbance. The good news is that our Livonia, MI team can help you sort out the details, while we assist you with both lifestyle changes that may offer improvement, as well as snoring treatment that can help no matter what! Learn more in terms of common causes of snoring, so you can start your journey toward better nightly breathing!

The Shape Of Your Mouth And Throat

Remember that snoring happens when your airways are partially blocked. Typically, the muscles and tissues in your throat and your mouth end up partly collapsing, which narrows the space through which you can breathe. Tissues that touch each other when this happens vibrate or “rattle” against each other, which forms the classic snoring noises. In some cases, the shape of your mouth or throat may contribute. You may always speak with us about whether orthodontic care may offer a snoring solution!

Serious Congestion Issues

Again, when your airways are obstructed, so is your breathing. This may make matters worse for you if you are snoring! So, in addition to seeking snoring solutions from our team that can help you maintain open airways, we remind you that it’s also wise to seek treatment for allergies, sinus problems, or illness from your general practitioner to reduce and hopefully eliminate congestion!

Artificially Relaxing Your Muscles

You may need some help from our team in terms of a long-term snoring solution that will help you keep your airways wide open! With that said, we remind you that if you’re consuming anything that may be making matters worse for the muscles in your throat, then this can make it more difficult to treat your snoring. Remember, you want your muscles and tissues to remain active, so they don’t partially fall against one another. If you’re drinking alcohol before you get into bed, you’re taking muscle relaxers, etc., then this may relax those muscles, thereby making snoring worse!

Address Snoring Concerns Soon

Don’t wait any longer to come in to meet with our team, so you may receive professional care for your snoring! Schedule a consultation with us to determine how we may best help you get back to sleep. James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.