Sleep Factors That Need Your Consideration 

You have already become well aware of the major sleep factor you need to take into consideration and hopefully have begun: It’s treatment with us! When you’re dealing with a sleep disorder, from serious snoring to sleep apnea, the primary form of treatment includes the solution you receive from our Livonia, MI practice (such as oral appliance therapy). With that said, we always remind patients that there are certainly additional sleep factors to remember in order to truly optimize your ability to regain greatly improved sleep. Let’s cover some often overlooked ones to get started! For more help, just set up a visit!

When You’re Sleeping Too Hot Or Too Cold

Do you wake up throughout the night because you’ve perspired and you’re very uncomfortable? Perhaps you find yourself reaching for an extra blanket that simply isn’t there at all hours because you’re too cold. Do yourself a very big favor. Put your sleep apnea treatment in place and then crawl into bed with your temperature for the evening all sorted out. Make sure you have the blankets on the bed that work best for you, the right type of sleepwear on, and your thermostat set just the way you like it. That way, we remind you, it’s one less thing to interrupt your otherwise possibly very pleasant rest!

If You’re So Tired You Forget Your Sleep Treatment

Lots of things can cause you to become extremely tired by the time you’re ready for bed. You may have had a very long day. Earlier darkness due to daylight saving time can throw things off. Maybe you’re staying up extra late! Whatever the case, if you’re zonked, it may cause you to forget about your sleep apnea treatment. When you forget about it, you get up in the morning feeling even more exhausted. The result? Quite a negative cycle in which you’re always tired. So, write yourself notes, change your schedule, set an alarm. Do what it takes to be certain you’re using your treatment every single night.

If You’re Eating Problematic Things Before Bed

What are you eating not long before you get into bed that’s causing you to wake up? Something very acidic or heavy that leads to acid indigestion or heartburn? Alcohol, which promotes sleep apnea and makes you wake up throughout the night? Caffeine, making it very difficult to even drift off to dreamland? Consider your evening choices, so you can let your sleep apnea treatment do its thing (and do it successfully!).

Consider Beneficial Sleep Changes

Consider the ideas we share with you in terms of being able to successfully fall asleep and to then also remain asleep! Add lifestyle changes for improvement in with your sleep apnea treatment for success! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.