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Sleep Sayings To Consider: When Dealing With A Sleep Disorder! 

You’ve heard sayings about sleep before. You may not even realize that you know them! However, as we begin to list a few off, you’ll quickly realize that they’re very familiar. While such phrases are often used in jest, our Livonia, MI team would like to quickly present them as reminders of why it’s just… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Am I Actually Choking?

We know that when you learn about the fact that you have sleep apnea disorder, it can at first feel like a huge relief! However, as the veil is lifted and you begin learning more about what’s going on with your body as this sleep disorder impacts you on a nightly basis, you may feel… Read more »

When You Say: I’m Fine, I Don’t Need That Much Sleep!

Feeling a bit stubborn? Truly assuming that sleep apnea isn’t something you need to worry about? If you’re someone who responds to the assertion that you need sleep apnea treatment with something along the lines of, “I’m fine! I don’t need that much sleep!” then our Livonia, MI team has some responses for you! We… Read more »

Sleep Factors That Need Your Consideration 

You have already become well aware of the major sleep factor you need to take into consideration and hopefully have begun: It’s treatment with us! When you’re dealing with a sleep disorder, from serious snoring to sleep apnea, the primary form of treatment includes the solution you receive from our Livonia, MI practice (such as… Read more »

Sleep And The Arrival Of Autumn: Things To Consider 

In case you didn’t already notice, fall is headed our way! As we bid goodbye to the lovely warmth and sunshine-y nature of summer, our Livonia, MI community also offers a very happy, excited welcome to autumn and all of the magic that it brings! While there’s a lot to enjoy, it may have suddenly… Read more »

Quick Tips For A Comfortable Sleep Environment

It’s always worth reminding our patients that there are multiple factors involved in improving sleep. First, there’s ensuring you’re able to fall asleep. Next, there’s treating the actual source of what is causing you to wake up, once you’ve gotten there. As for snoring or sleep apnea, remember that we offer sleep treatment to help… Read more »

Sleep Apnea And Your Hypertension: Questions (And Answers)

You may have sleep apnea. You may also have hypertension. What you may not have is the background information to make the connection between these two problems. The fact of the matter is, if you’re dealing with nightly, interrupted sleep due to this sleep disorder and it goes on untreated for a while, high blood… Read more »

Tips For Changing Your Sleeping Position

As you may already know, changing your sleep position can be extremely helpful if you’re a patient who is snoring or you’re someone in need of sleep apnea treatment. Remember, the reason for these sleep disorders is the partial or full obstruction of your airways. While there are many factors that come into play, sometimes,… Read more »

Help For: Going To Sleep And Staying Asleep

When you’re having issues with your sleep, you may find that you’re just having one area of concern. Or, you may find that you’re having trouble in multiple areas. For instance, if you’re struggling not only with sleep apnea and remaining asleep but you also have trouble drifting off to dreamland, then nighttime isn’t a… Read more »