Sleep Apnea: Am I Actually Choking?

We know that when you learn about the fact that you have sleep apnea disorder, it can at first feel like a huge relief! However, as the veil is lifted and you begin learning more about what’s going on with your body as this sleep disorder impacts you on a nightly basis, you may feel somewhat shocked by what’s been going on. For instance, when we inform you that part of the event includes choking, you may ask us: Is this actually happening to you? Also: What in the world can I do about it and how quickly? Our Livonia, MI team is happy to share with you that while the details are certainly surprising, we can help you immediately with effective sleep apnea treatment! As for that clearer understanding you were hoping for…

It’s A Unique Type Of Obstruction

When you’re learning about sleep apnea and you get to the part about choking, you may immediately think of it as you would if choking on food. Here’s what you need to remember: Nothing is working its way into your throat and causing you to choke. Instead, your own tissues are collapsing and blocking your airways. As a result, as with any type of choking, you stop breathing. Then, when your brain gets the message, it sends a response to you to hurry up and wake up and breathe! If anyone is lying next to you, they may experience this event from their perspective as you making choking sounds and gasping noises, which are followed by normal breathing as you return to sleep. Of course, sleep apnea treatment can solve this.

But Isn’t Choking Very Dangerous?

Yes. When your airways are obstructed and you’re not breathing due to any type of blockage, you aren’t getting the essential oxygen you need on a consistent basis. While this would be problematic if it was just happening once nightly, sleep apnea become exponentially more dangerous due to the fact that this event generally recurs hundreds of times … nightly! So, again, seeking sleep apnea treatment from our team ASAP is a very good idea.

Am I Going To Be Okay?

This is when we explain to you that yes, your sleep apnea may have begun impacting you if it’s gone on for a while. When you’re not actually sleeping, you’re choking, and you’re missing out on much needed oxygen, problems with your liver, blood pressure, and heart may take place. You can deal with headaches, throat pain, and more. That is, until you treat the problem. Get your sleep and breathing back on track and you can stop worrying.

Treat Sleep Problems ASAP 

Don’t brush potential sleep problems aside and hope for the best, while possibly overlooking a serious issue. Come in for a sleep consultation instead, so we can check in on your sleep and breathing and offer any required care! James Stewart, DDS, and our team serve patients from Livonia, MI, as well as Farmington Hills and the surrounding communities. To schedule a consultation, call our office today at (734) 425-4400.