Your Sleep Troubles Can Cause Problems For Your Rest Cycle

When a person sleeps at night, their body goes through an important cycle that is vital to the health benefits of proper rest. You will pass through the rest cycle multiple times, with your REM cycle lasting progressively longer throughout the night. A person who maintains a good sleep schedule can remain consistent with this cycle, which can help them maintain good overall health. Unfortunately, a person who struggles with sleep apnea may have difficulty maintaining a beneficial cycle. Even if you believe you slept throughout the night, sleep apnea can force your body out of its sleep cycle in order to address a loss of air. Our Livonia, MI clinic can help you determine the best approach to treating sleep apnea so that this issue can be effectively addressed.

Why Is Your Rest Cycle So Important?

There are several stages of sleep that your body will go through each night. Ideally, you will stay in a rested state for the duration of your time in bed, allowing the cycle to progress appropriately. During your “deep sleep” periods, your body is able to work on repairing tissues, building muscle and bone mass, and even working to boost your immune system. Your REM sleep periods are linked to greater brain activity – being deprived of this period in your sleep cycle can have negative consequences.

Untreated Sleep Apnea Can Become A Serious Concern For Your Health

Because sleep apnea intrudes on your sleep cycle, it can be difficult for you to fully benefit from a night’s rest. People who struggle with sleep apnea over an extended period can experience some of the problems that accompany sleep deprivation. You can struggle with a lack of focus and irritability because of your condition, and you may find it difficult to manage existing mental health troubles. Over time, sleep apnea may also affect your blood pressure in unwelcome ways, and raise your risk for an irregular heartbeat!

Finding The Right Appliance To Treat Sleep Apnea

For people who experience obstructive sleep apnea, a special oral appliance can be used to effectively keep your breathing passages open at night. With a careful adjustment of your jaw, your appliance can ensure that you do not lose air, so your body is not forced to leave the sleep cycle to restore breathing. In some cases, patients are better served by a CPAP machine, which creates continuous positive airway pressure to ensure that your breathing is not disturbed. After a careful evaluation, we can make sure you enjoy the right treatment for your needs.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Can Help You Enjoy The Full Benefits Of Rest Again

Our Livonia, MI clinic is proud to provide important services for individuals who struggle with sleep apnea. If you are struggling to enjoy the benefits that come with a night’s rest, we can determine if this problem is involved, and help you enjoy relief! To learn more, or to make an appointment, contact James Stewart, DDS at (734) 425-4400 to schedule a visit.