How Do I Talk To My Partner About Their Nightly Snoring?

What can you do if your partner frequently snores, interfering with your ability to rest at night? You may feel uncomfortable talking to them about it, and they may have little idea of how they can address the matter on their own. Even if it feels awkward, saying something can be beneficial, as treatment can help. It is also beneficial snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea, a problem that can hurt their general health.Our Livonia, MI clinic is ready to help people who frequently snore. We can also perform a review to determine if someone who snores might need treatment for sleep apnea.

Snoring Can Be More Than Just A Nuisance – It Could Be Sleep Apnea

A potential problem with sleep apnea is something that should be investigated. If this is the reason that someone snores, and it is not treated, it can lead to real health concerns. One issue is that sleep apnea can cause persistent fatigue. Being chronically tired can increase your risk for car accidents, make work and social matters difficult, and affect your ability to focus. Sleep apnea can also lead to problems with higher blood pressure, or an irregular heartbeat.

Providing Treatment For Someone Who Snores

We can provide an appliance to help someone who snores on a regular basis. Wearing an oral appliance at night helps a person keep their airways open so that there is no disruption to their breathing that might lead to snoring. This can also help with obstructive sleep apnea, which causes interruptions in a person’s sleep by leaving them without air for extended periods. You can also work to correct the problem by changing your sleep position, avoiding alcohol before bed, and addressing sinus problems that may affect you.

Taking On Problems With Sleep Apnea

An oral appliance can be helpful with sleep apnea as well as a chronic snoring problem. Wearing it keeps your breathing quiet, and it also stops the interruptions to your air flow that break your rest cycle and cause you to suffer problems often linked to fatigue. In addition to using an oral appliance to help a patient, we can look into the benefits of treating you with a CPAP machine.

Our Livonia, MI Clinic Is Ready To Address Nightly Snoring Troubles

At our Livonia, MI clinic, individuals who regularly snore can count on us for support. With a custom guard, we can help you breathe quietly and peacefully throughout the night. Our work can also be beneficial to people who struggle with sleep apnea. When sleep apnea is treated, it can help you once again enjoy a full night’s rest. If you have questions about snoring and sleep apnea, or if you are concerned about a partner who snores, call our Livonia, MI clinic at 734) 425-4400.