A Partner Who Snores Could Be Affected By Sleep Apnea

You can feel aggravated when your partner’s snoring keeps you up at night, but you can also be understandably concerned over why they have started to snore. Many people who snore and breathe loudly while they sleep are struggling with obstructive sleep apnea. This condition interferes with a person’s breathing during the night, causing problems with their rest cycle and physical well-being. While they are asleep, soft tissues in their throat can cover their airways and force them out of rest to restore their breathing. If this is not dealt with, the disruption in their sleep can cause real problems for their physical and emotional well-being. Our dental office has helped many people in the Livonia/Detroit, MI area who struggle with obstructive sleep apnea, and we can help your partner determine if they need treatment for sleep apnea!

Why Snoring And Sleep Apnea Are Often Linked

Snoring is not always a symptom of sleep apnea, but it is a reason to worry that sleep apnea is a problem. If this problem is accompanied by morning headaches and sore throat issues, or if the person you care about has started to experience symptoms of sleep deprivation, you should be concerned that sleep apnea is to blame. By recognizing this and seeking treatment, you can protect them from further trouble.

Oral Appliance Therapy And Other Treatment Options

One treatment option we can provide for patients with sleep apnea is oral appliance therapy. Instead of using a CPAP machine to keep their breathing clear, we can use a special sleep guard that keeps their jaw positioned in a way that stops blockages from occurring. With this conservative treatment, we can help your loved one breathe quietly and freely through the night! We can also review the benefits of treatment with a CPAP mask, and we can talk about behavioral changes that can help improve someone’s breathing.

What Can Happen If Sleep Apnea Goes Untreated?

If sleep apnea is the reason behind your partner’s snoring, delaying treatment can lead to trouble. Over time, a person with this condition will continue to have difficulty completing their rest cycles, which can lead to problems often seen in those with sleep deprivation. The interruptions in their breathing during the night can also cause problems because it raises their blood pressure, making them more vulnerable to physical problems.

Dr. Stewart Can Help Your Partner Deal With Sleep Apnea!

Dr. Stewart is ready to help you or a loved one deal with sleep apnea! We offer different treatment options, including oral appliance therapy, to fight breathing problems that keep you from properly resting. To find out more about our practice and services, contact your Detroit/Livonia, MI area dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.