Starting Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea Issues

If you think your recent struggles with snoring and fatigue might be related to sleep apnea, you should make a point of looking into treatment as soon as you can. Those who deal with sleep apnea are not able to complete their rest cycles properly during the night, which takes away important health benefits we gain from a good night’s sleep. The longer you let the problem go on, the more severe those consequences can be. Dr. Stewart is ready to help individuals in the Livonia/Detroit, MI area who think sleep apnea is affecting them. We can talk about the potential benefits of using oral appliance therapy to address snoring and sleep apnea, and put your problems behind you!

Sleep Apnea Is Not A Problem You Want To Overlook!

Sleep apnea can be the reason you are snoring, but it can also be the reason you struggle with feelings of restlessness, an inability to focus during the day, and even problems with high blood pressure! When this condition affects you, it stops you from being able to complete your rest cycles, which stops you from receiving the physical benefits of prolonged sleep. The longer you are kept from these benefits, the more their loss can impact you.

Discussing Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea With Your Dentist

Dr. Stewart is ready to talk patients through their treatment options if they have sleep apnea, and we can even help you assess if sleep apnea is really the source of your difficulties. Once the problem is identified, we can see what treatment option might be right for you. That can mean moving forward with oral appliance therapy, or it can mean starting treatment with a CPAP machine. For those who have obstructive sleep apnea, a breathing issue caused by soft tissues blocking their airways, an oral appliance can be a convenient appliance for putting problems behind them.

Arranging Oral Appliance Therapy To Help With Your Sleep Apnea

With your custom sleep appliance, you can start sleeping peacefully again without soft tissues blocking your airways. The appliance keeps your breathing undisrupted by changing the position of your jaw so that you are not having your airways closed by soft tissues. This can help you breathe quietly and peacefully for the duration of your nights again!

Our Dental Office Can Help Livonia, MI and Detroit, MI Residents Deal With Sleep Apnea

Our dentist’s office is prepared to help people in Detroit, MI and Livonia, MI who are concerned about sleep apnea. We can determine if this condition is really the reason for your recent health difficulties, and we can also review your treatment option. If you want to learn more, or if you are ready to have your sleep issues assessed, then you can reach out to Dr. Stewart by calling our dental office at (734) 425-4400.