Is Sleep Apnea Causing My Fatigue?

Even a short list of responsibilities can feel frighteningly long when you lack energy. Does it feel as though fatigue is making every day more difficult for you? Are you unsure why you feel so tired after what you believed was a good night’s rest? For people who encounter these difficulties, sleep apnea treatment can be beneficial. Until it is addressed, sleep apnea can interfere with your rest cycles, which means your body gains fewer advantages from the time you spend in bed each night. In addition to causing fatigue, your problem can lead to embarrassing snoring issues and worrying changes in your physical health. Through treatment at our Livonia/Detroit, MI dental office, you can put these problems behind you and once again enjoy restful sleep!

Fatigue Can Make Your Daily Responsibilities Harder To Manage

The more time you spend not treating sleep apnea, the more time you can spend struggling with chronic fatigue as well as short-term memory loss, irritability, and an inability to stay focused on tasks. Fatigue leaves you with a run-down feeling that can interfere with your day and make you less interested in activities that normally interest you. It can feel strange to experience such tired feelings at times when you believed that you enjoyed a full night’s sleep. Even if you do not remember doing so, sleep apnea can cause you to awaken many times due to breathing issues – these interruptions lead to breaks in your rest cycle that limit the benefits of sleep.

Other Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea You Can Identify

Snoring and sleep apnea are often linked closely. Someone who has been warned of their snoring issue can make a point to bring the matter up with their dentist, but for those who do not receive feedback about this issue, there are other signs to watch for, including fatigue. Unfortunately, there are also physical symptoms that can have alarming consequences. If you are not treating sleep apnea, you can have a more difficult time managing your blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your risk for experiencing heart disease over time.

Talk To Your Dentist About Oral Appliance Therapy For Sleep Apnea

Through oral appliance therapy, we can give you a surprisingly comfortable treatment for your sleep troubles. Rather than ask you to wear a CPAP machine, we can provide a custom guard that positions your jaw in a way that helps you breathe without obstructions. Wearing it during the night stops the blockage of your airways from soft tissues in your throat, leading to better rest and the ability to complete your rest cycles.

Talk To Your Livonia/Detroit, MI Dentist About Sleep Apnea Treatment

Through treatment for sleep apnea, you can put issues like fatigue, snoring, and even high blood pressure behind you! To find out more, please contact your Livonia/Detroit, MI, dentist, Dr. Stewart, by calling (734) 425-4400.